LW8.2 image bugs


hello fellow lightwavers

ok, this one has been mentioned before i think but 32bit .tiff images
do not show alphas when brought into lightwave ( eg. as a texture )
but here is a new suprise, one i recieved whilst working on a deadline lastnight…
alpha does not work on areas of transparent surfaces where there are reflections !
DOH !!!

if anyone has a remedy for this or
if anyone is sleeping with somebody from newtek (if programmers have sex )
and therefore has influential power ( because programmers are so needy of sex )
over decisions regarding the fixing of any bugs,… please help me.

attached are 3 images showing the image,
how the image should look with no reflection alpha
and how it should not but does look with an alpha for the reflection

all comments and references to programmers are based on a widely accepted viewpoint
and may not necessarily be true :slight_smile: especially if these remarks lead to a grudge resulting in
me not recieving a bug fix


Yep. I’m finding my scenes created with LW8.1 are showing problems in LW8.2 where 32-bit TIFFs have been used. I’m having to re-create the images :eek:


Just been doing some basic texturing with images (bmps) and BOOM LW8.2 crashes. This software is FAST becoming a complete joke.

I’m not one for stirring things up but I really am at my wits end on Lightwave now. ‘LW 8.2 is stable’ I think Newtek claimed…I have absolutely no idea how they came to that conclusion.


psd is better than tif for image with alpha, but usually i prefer to build an image and a second image as alpha, is simpler to use, is better be cause you can manipulate by image editor to modify alpha by blurring and other kind of trick.

i know that you can do istance of original image and use alpha only, but solution of two images is less memory consuming, and less bug :wink:


When using photoshop, I know I prefer alpha in the same file.

If you have a layer in photoshop (with a layer mask - alpha in channels palette) and you resize it with the free transform tool, your alpha goes along for the ride, coming out of the other end at the same size as the original image on the layer.


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