LW user learning MAYA



I’m moving from LW to Maya 5, so I just need some tips and advices from others who are used to LW and Maya as well

PS: Actualy, I’m not leaving LW… just learning a new tool to cover some LW gaps (like animation and stuff)

thanks in advance


Alias has Keyboard shortcuts pdf for people converting from other 3D apps to Maya.
look around the website not sure exactly were it was on the site.


There is a Yahoogroups list just for this. I forget the name, but if you do a search you will find it. There are a lot of helpful people on the list.


I’m also learning Maya through the PLE version. The link below includes a few minor tips. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to view info on the transition.

A Few Maya Tips


if you have the budget the gnomon dvds are great.


Agreed. Especially the Intro to Maya one - I would highly recommend it for anyone wanted a thorough, quick start in Maya.


Box in LW = Cube in Maya… I’m sure there is a tutorial out there that explains it better… Good luck!

In all seriousness go to http://learning-maya.com for tutorials, and www.highend3d.com for scripts. Also, make sure to get MJPolytools found at http://www.maya3d.dk/Scripts/MJPolyTools/. It aids in modeling with edges… A must have.

www.rigging101.com has some good tutorials and free rigs! I think you’ll find Maya to be a fabulous program, especially for animation.


Its called maya_3d



is it a wise move to move from lightwave to maya?

I want to say that I started lightwave from the 4 and I love it after the Babylon 5 shows and seaquest, although I know that it has some gaps but… well I dont know I get sentimental with lightwave creapy huh… anyway I could use the same info about maya couse is time to move on.


It’s a wise move to learn BOTH if given the opportunity. I’m learning Maya as an addition to Lightwave, not as a replacement. Knowing more than one software, approach, etc. is always a good thing.


Adding new set of tools to your “tool box” is a very good idea. If you are going to try and enter “the industry”, games, tv, film, etc then being flexible as to which software you know will only broaden your ability to land a job.


I think using LW and Maya together is a great combination. My production pipeline integrates the two together in a few ways. All of my character modeling and UV mapping is done in LW. Then the character is exported as a .obj and imported into Maya. Maya will recognize the .obj’s surfaces and its uvmaps. Then rigging and animation is done in Maya. Then I export the character as a .obj sequence and import into LW, for the final render.

Sounds like a long process, but I like LW’s modeling and UVing tools better than maya. I like Maya’s rigging and animation tools better than LW’s, but I think LW’s renderer is much better than Maya’s.



hey, thanks to everyone for the replies!! :thumbsup:

roguenroll / leigh:
I’ll save some $$ for the DVD… it really seems to be a great investment :slight_smile:

Ibanezhead / hcompston"
Thank you very much for the URLs!

dacheese / allenatl:
I’m pretty excited to use both tools… I really like lightwave, specially it’s modelling tools… maya is on my mind just to cover gaps… to use the best of the two worlds :wink:

Man, that’s exactly what I’m looking for… here in brazil is a little dificult to find 3D-related jobs… so freelancing is the best choice for us. I work as a graphic designer, CG for me was always a hobby, but from the last 6 months I’ve been saving some money just to seriously improve my 3D skills… but I think to enter the industry I believe I’ll have to move from Brazil :frowning:


oh, I forgot to say that I bought a book called “Maya Savvy”… and it seems to be a great book… I don’t know yet, I’m still in the first chapter hehehehe

But I just made my first maya animation… a crap rocket taking off and falling :applause:


BTW: I’m a macintosh user… and Maya 5 in my powerbook is running smothly :smiley:


sorry, not meaning to hijack the thread, but

vrljc, can u explain more on how to ‘export the char as .obj sequence’?
i am planning to rig and animate in maya, then export back to lw for lighting, rendering.

thanks in advance


Be sure to have a look at the maya2lw plugins. I know a couple guys who use them, and they seem to work great. You could always check out the Beaver Project, which although a little pricey, works very well and allows you to go in both directions.


Don’t forget www.3dbuzz.com for Maya tutorials. They’re also pretty darn good.


Triple G, thanks for the links


Hey, nice to see the scripts are still being used. :thumbsup:


Hullbr3ach, maya2lw work ok with Maya6? and Lightwave8?