LW to sketchup workflow?



I’m working on a project where I need to get LW animations brought over to sketchup. We’re trying to avoid purchasing another package but I’ve been using Blender as an intermediary, with varying results. I’ve tried the following:

Modeler=>.dae -> Sketchup: Sketchup crashes trying to open the .dae file.

Layout=>.dae -> Sketchup: Sketchup crashes trying to open the .dae file.

Layout =>.dae -> Blender: Blender opens the collada file fine, but loses the animation. It’s like it just reads the first frame.

Modeler=>.lwo & Layout=>.mdd -> Blender: This mostly works. Blender reads the .lwo fine and I can apply the .mdd data to it, although the model gets flipped and rotated 90 degrees on the x-axis. The .mdd was generated using the MD Baker displacement plug-in. Changing y-up and z-up makes no difference to how the model appears in Blender. I ended up scaling the model to -1 on the x and manually rotating it back into place. Blender sees the animation.

Blender=>.dae -> Sketchup: This is importing the data from the above workflow, from a (more or less) working Blender setup. It results in a giant .dae file (~9mb, where the previous attempts were about 300k). Despite the additional info, Sketchup loses the animation.

Has anyone had any success getting an animation out of LW and into Sketchup?


I know very little about Sketchup or Blender. Have you tried exporting FBX? Does Sketchup import FBX?


Does Sketchup have option to load sequence of objects? Separate file for each frame.

Try exporting sequence of objects in LW or Blender (if it allows it), then import such sequence in Sketchup.


I tried using the .fbx format. Similar situation – no animation seems to make it through.

At this point we can work with static geometry, but animation seems to be out of our grasp.


As I recall, aren’t there different check boxes when exporting FBX and one is animation? I’m not sure since it’s been a LONG time since I’ve exported FBX. But I know that importing FBX into LW from Motion Builder the animation did come through. I think that you might have to explore FBX a little further.