lw splines question



-when I made poligon mesh from pach of 4 curves, is there are a way, when drag points on that curves, to change the shape of poligon mesh in real time? (like in maya,xsi) is there are some plugin or some trick to do that?
(i think its impossible, because I think that there must be some kind of history or some kind of conection between splines andoperator` who is making poligon mesh…but I would like to see what u ppl think):cool:

thanx in advance:wavey:


No, but when I think of it, it kinda sounds like what happens when you manipulate a SubD cage seeing the SubD mesh deform beneath it. So why don’t go with SubD?


I have a free and pretty easy to follow tutorial on spline patching HERE . :slight_smile:


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