LW char animation demo thread


He did pimp a lot that’s for sure.


what was that?
…that was free speech mate…seems it’s not welcome any longer so it’s off on holiday!


Oh! … Amazing work i like verymuch …:applause:


Well I’m none the wiser. The animations look awesome for sure but I was hoping they would be accompanied by tutorials or specific information on how to achieve the same results.

I’ve just started learning Lightwave and seriously if I want to see killer animations then I can simply go down the video store and rent a movie like Shrek. Lightwave has been used in heaps of commercial animation movies (that’s why I moved to the product!!!).

I want to know HOW to do them… in infinite detail… as I’m well aware WHAT lightwave can do. It’s like a secret society. You can get a zillion gigabytes of Maya tutorials on the web showing how to do anything you could dream of but most of the Lightwave stuff is just bits and pieces without much detail.

My bible is Timothy Albee’s book Character Animation but it’s for an older version of Lightwave and it still glosses over heaps of stuff (like why he prefers skelegons to Layout boning). Without that book I would have given up by now because even after spending a week reading and watching all the lightwave tutorials I could find (mostly u-tube and the product documentation) I’m still totally confused by stuff like weight maps. Mine just break everything I’ve built.



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