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Originally posted by dalecampbelljr
Where can a person find keytrak?

KeyTrak is no more … the developer ceased developing plugins for LW and is now working for Luxology.:slight_smile:


The site you are refering to seems to be hacked! Where else can I find the tutorial for muscle deformation? It looks so cool!



It seems that the lwhub site is hacked.Take a look at this:


Isn’t there any other place to see the rigging tutorial?



Seems that just the forums part of the site was hacked. You can still get to the tutorial and content pages by going here:

http://www.lwhub.com/breakdown.html :thumbsup:


As Gary mentioned it apparently is no more. You never know if Mark will bring it back or not.
However, it has been my experience that plugin developers, like nature, abhor a vacuum. It would surprise me if something pops up to replace it. :slight_smile:

Theres LOTS of ways to get muscle deformations even easier then the lwhub tutorial.
Once way is to create a muscle bone or bones, tweak them when the arm bends and then use cycler to tie the behavior to the rotation of another bone. You can also use morphs, clothfx, KO_Polyfit and Shift Spline Transform to do muscle deformations.
Heres an example using Shift Spline Transform.


MikeRB your link you posted on page 1


seems to have been hacked. I am new and don’t know what it said.


Now this is a great thread. Awesome work Mike. Especially love the Invid trooper…( That is an Invid machine right? Can’t remember. Been a long time since I have watched Robotech :rolleyes:


Hey mike…did you use any weight maps in the complex muscle experiment you posted on the first post of this thread.


Big, big work, big muscle effects.


I found a great IK Tutorial on the web, Still working out a few bugs with it tho… even setting limits on each bone I get unwanted shifting… If you want the tutorial Email me, I don’t think they want me posting it all over the place :slight_smile:



Looks intruiging Larry but I’m not sure how you’ve done it as I’m not familiar with “Shift Spline Transfor”. Must do some research.
I have actually purchased your ‘rigging a quadraped CD’ but have only recently had time to follow the first part. I’m going to be hitting it hard over the Xmas period though so I’ll let you know how I get on.

BTW are there any admins reading this thread? I think it should be a sticky in the main LW forum as I only just found this thread by luck. I think it’s a great thread for counteracting the ‘LW doesn’t do character animation’ prejudice that some people have.


You know, after looking at some of the examples in here (done years back, no less), I have a hard time understanding why people bag on LW’s CA tools. They’re quirky for sure, but it seems a person who sets out to achieve a goal can do so with what’s there.

Are there any folks out there using LW for CA right now who could post more recent examples of their work in this thread? Also, since LW 9 was released and a lot of plugins were lost between 7.5 and 9 (according to various threads), what are people using now to do CA in pure LW, and what changes did folks have to make since the v9 upgrade?


[QUOTE=kattkieru]You know, after looking at some of the examples in here (done years back, no less), I have a hard time understanding why people bag on LW’s CA tools. They’re quirky for sure, but it seems a person who sets out to achieve a goal can do so with what’s there.


Primarily because a lot of the character tools don’t talk to each other or once down a road there is no turning back but rather starting completely over.


i believe that larry was banned a year or so back from cgtalk for speaking his mind about lightwave and defending it…doesn;t really help lighwavers here to find info if such talented artists are kicked out of the forum does it?

i’d reccomend lightwavers to go either to newtek’s forum [the peoplewho make lightwave] or over to spinquad’s forums www.spinquad.com where you’ll be in better cmpany for asking detailed questions and getting detailed answers.



Agreed, Larry has always been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and it’s a sad loss to the LW community on CGTalk.


I got a bogus link that said something about the site being hacked. There were no links or anything.


here’s a free Character lesson i did while ago

http://www.thomas4d.com/T4D_CA_lesson.zip 65 megs

As for Larry Sorry this is Old News But I’ll just update the new guys here
He got banned for a reason ( I was one of the many he butted heads with )

he would always jump up saying LW can do that, just as good as App X, Y or Z

But NEVER give details on how to avoid or work around the problem that was being talked about. but always Hint that his Commerical training would give all the answers,

he had NO idea what App X, Y and Z could really do.
stuff like “LW is the only 3D app with endomorph like workflow”
OR " LW is the only app that you can edit or replace a model After it’s been rigged "

OR even worst Say stuff like
" I NEVER see unstable IK in My rigs." That was just MIND BLOWING !!
and Again hinting he had the anwsers on his training,
But never give details on how to avoid IK problem for the poor guy who posted the question,. besides the old “Just prebend your joints” reply…

SO that misinformation would create Huge Flames wars

CGTALK has Many Multi 3D apps users compaired to say Spinquad
so you would get People who know he’s wrong Vs LW Fanboys and Larry…

Giving misinformation out to newbies for commerical gain is just wrong.

LW has Issues it’s easy to see, Maybe V 9.2 or 9.5 or 10 will help
but there’s no point counting your chickens before that hatch or fighting for dreams that may not come true.

LW forums will become active again when Lightwave development becomes active again.

I remember when i started in LW and then about 2 years later I got into the LW forums and the online scene was really ALIVE with many great artists sharing so much excellent information. but at the moment ,… it’s all up to Newtek.


To some extent I think it’s a tricky moral area to navigate. If you’re someone trying to make money selling training materials, where do you draw the line between being helpful versus not costing yourself money? Dan Ablan’s approach seems to be not to post at all (or very rarely). Larry seems to be trying to split a hair by answering as much as he can and decides where the line is on a per-post basis.

Personally, I think the vast majority of posts I’ve read from Larry have been helpful to the person asking the question. I have seen some that are pretty painful teases where he just says that info can be found in his training materials, but what are you going to do? You can either give away the info you’re trying to sell, or at least tell the person that they can find the info in your product so that they have an alternative resource in case nobody else answers the question. It’s not like Dan Ablan or Tim Albee are even doing that much. They want to sell us stuff but you never see them on the forums answering questions unless they’re about their own products. Personally, I’d rather have someone like Larry who is clearly part of the community and extremely active in trying to answer people’s questions. I can let a bit of personal marketing slide in relation to that.


I agreee 100%!!!
Larry has helped TONS! of people for free and has the FREE! video and training to back. But, lets be fair this his living, and he can’t defend himself on this thread so bringing it up is unfair.