LW char animation demo thread


Post your examples here…


Rigging and standin geometry:
super fast layout playback, renders highrez

Rigging, just bones and IK, nothing fancy here…

Animation, knocked this out in 5-10mins with Keytrak (and im no animator)


You rock! this stuff is sooooo good!

I’ll try and post something soon! Great Thread idea.:bounce:


another example of a LW rig:

Simple muscle bone setup:

Complex muscle experiment:


Wow i have yet to learn ik but this is simply amazing stuff nice work!
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5 bouncy things for you!


Originally posted by Mike RB
… (and im no animator)

Well that’s a bunch of bull! :smiley:


Hey Mike RB,
Is this messiah? Without getting into a 200$ tutorial, can you give us a bit of insight to your rigging technique.
I’d appreciate it if you have the time.


… wow… any info you’d like to share on how you accomplished those rigs would be greatly appreciated, that is some impressive stuff. The Muscle deformation is just amazing… just wow. that’s all I’m saying, wow wow wow wow wow, you rock :beer:



Now this is a great thread. Awesome work Mike. Especially love the Invid trooper…( That is an Invid machine right? Can’t remember. Been a long time since I have watched Robotech :rolleyes:


Awesome stuff there Mike. It’s stuff like that that encourages us noob’s to keep plugging away. Your work is amazing and I hope to some day achieve that level of proficiency. Keep posting to inspire us :applause: Willax


That complex muscle rig is amazing! Great work, Mike!!!


Originally posted by Cman
Well that’s a bunch of bull! :smiley:

You can say that again

Wow i have yet to learn ik

Ya, but where


Yes, its all just straight LW


Makes me wonder.
Did you animate the muscle bones with followers?


This is what I used:




Thanks Mike! :beer:


I liked these the first time I viewed them, and
it’s nice to see this compilation of Mike’s cool stuff all in one handy thread.


I think it’s necessary to make this thread sticky - for all these newbes who think that LightWave not so good for character animation …
Cool stuff Mike :thumbsup:
Hope i will post something too …


Thanks Mike! Thats damn good of ya. It’s not often someone kicks down scenes like that.


Great stuff Mike!
Heres a simple muscle test that I did.
Its a bit different the Mikes example.
This one uses no muscle bones, no endomorphs and no displacement maps. The muscles swell in particular places and you can see the striations appear on the shoulder. The bicep changes color slightly and specularity. ALL of this is controlled by one simple expression.
http://www.3dtrainingonline.com/examples/armtest2.mov and armtest3. mov.

In the 2nd example you can better see the bicep and forearm muscles push against each other.

Heres an animation that I did for Dan Dare back in LW5.6
Its all hand keyed and setup with IK.

Heres another animation that I did that was a test for a spiderman TV series. Its a combination of handkeying and procedural animaton done in LW 7. It uses IK and follower.


Very cool stuff to spline!!! more pls!