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I really like the plugin and the pics posted here are great, too! Thanks for the plugin.

But there’s one question about that plugin: Why is it based on the luminosity channel? I think it would be perfectly correct to use the translucency channel to do this, as subsurface-scattering is directly corresponding with the translucency of an object. If an object is not translucent, there is no scattering of light in it.
Also, by using the luminosity channel, there are problems when one wants to use both, radiosity and ChanLum…


Where can I find this shader plugin. I tried the link but it doesn’t access the page.



Yes! light exclusion :slight_smile:
I’m aware about luminosity doesn’t have rgb values, that’s the reason because I suggested to use ambient instead of luminosity; an example is LocalAmbient and FI’sLocalAmbient, this last one has texture functionality and I guess, if in some way, we can do that Chamlun works with ambient, we can take advantage of textures and gradients of FI’sLocalAmbient and we can save all work of implementing texture functionality within Chamlun. Chamlun can work with others plugins indeed, since can work with AmbiColor instead of LW luminosity (because AmbiColor adds its own luminosity), but as I said previously, AmbiColor doesn’t have texture functionality. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:



Yes that does make sense and it did occur to me but this is starting to get really complicated as we are piling shader on top of shader combined with gradients attached to nulls.Quite a bit of variables to contend with here.

Perhaps if there was a tut for this approach it might help allieviate some of this percieved complexity. I have been having some success with this tool and will be posting some examples soon…hopefully… : )

Great ideas though


Yes John! glad this make sense; although maybe we wouldn’t need distance_to_object gradients in FI’sLocalAmbient if Chamlun worked with it; I guess UVMaps and light_incidence_angle gradients would be enough :slight_smile:



This link works for me to download the LW plugin version…MG



Cool little plugin! Renders quick.


Here is my contribution,

I was comissioned to do the graphical aspect of a Brewing (as in beer) convention. Based on preconcieved theme,in this case, starwars. The main speaker is a well respected athority of brewing (here in the US anyway) and they wanted me to do a character of him based on Yoda. No biggie, as a matter of fact, this was one of the most fun jobs I have had in a long time. I also depicted the death star as the death Keg so it was a beer keg shaped and textured to look like the death star, but that’s another story.

The client loved the character but I wanted to add a bit more punch to the features since I spent all this time UV mapping this guy. I had just finished doing a job where I had used ChanLum for adding to the transluscency properties of some candles, it did such a nice job I decided to add this to my character I had built. The results were very impressive, and the client even noticed the difference and asked about it.

I experiemented with applying Chan lum to the Lum channel and the translucency channel and really liked the results…

Thanks for building this really cool tool and thanks for making it possible for the Mac community to benefit from your good work…



quick question, for anyone who still looks into this thread, Has anyone had any wierd artifacts when they render? Such as being able to see a “wireframe”, I’m on a mac if it makes any difference… I’ll post some pics soon… just seeing if increasing the samples helps…


ok here are som epics if anyone is interested… So far these are just test to check out the shader. I don’t think it has anything to do with sample because I cranked it up to 200, perhaps because it’s sub patched… anyway I’ll check it out further. You can really notice it on the blue bottom light.


I’ve not noticed it with Chanlum but I’ve seen it with other SSS/translucency plugs (in Cinema) I’d love to know what causes it. - Baz


It’s weird, I haven’t seen it in anyone else’s renders. I was testing it last night and I couldn’t get rid of it, it got even worse when I switched to “area” instead of “normal”. I increased the subdivison level, even just ried freezing the model and rendering. Mabey it’s something weird with the model… I’ll let you guys know if I find anything, mabey even post my model and scene for others to test.


Hmmm I’m on a Mac and I haven’t seen this one not to say that this isn’t happening. If you want post your scene files and I can check it for you.

here is the image I generated


perhaps it’s because I’ve got the “thickness” or whatever it’s called really small, it seems it starts to go away as i increase the parameter. it’s currently at 10mm i believe, the actual character, if I remember, is scaled to 4m. I’ll try rescaling, and repost. Great picture by-the-way! What kind of setting are you using on your surfaces?


Thanks, this was from a parcel of images for a Brewing convention in Houston. They fly in some dignatary and they wanted images of him in the theme of the show which in this case was StarWars. It was a pretty fun project.

The settings are fairly straight forward only I used the plug-in in conjunction with Image World. I also took the spec map plus a gradient in the luminosity channel which got the subtle effect I was looking for with out too much waxiness. I am using an area light as my primary light source and a spot light (no shadows) for a kick. Once again I wanted to use my spec map and gradient to control the luminosity effect and hopefully impart a subtle effect of SS scattering. I for one am happy with the effect as this effect produced just the right amount of extra luminosity in the highlights.

My setting on the shader was 80.

If I get some time I will experiement with doing one of those images that is lit from above to get that really interesting effect that earmarks this shader.

If you need more info just let me know



ChanLum has been integrated in C4D : http://www.maxon.net/pages/products/c4d/952features_d.html

Im not sure what this will change for my LW version, we’ll see…
I haven’t had a mail from Maxon yet, to change the name or anything … :slight_smile:



Why should you? :slight_smile:

The original developer of Chanlum is Naam. He gave Maxon permission to integrate the shader into CINEMA. It’s not that he sold the complete rights to the tool, he just gave Maxon the right to use and the sourcecode neccesary to do so. Afaik it’s more or less the same deal you have, except that with CINEMA Naam got his credits in the main program :wink:



yup, Naam is a good buddy of mine, it just got me thinking… :slight_smile:

that said, something native in lw would be welcomed, it would add allot more functionality.



here’s a great article on LW_ChanLum, thanks to Robbie!




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