LW_ChanLum <Free Shader>


ahw heck… :slight_smile:

im releasing this as is, there will hopefully be some more updates because i have the idea its possible to add a few more features…
but since i am not a coder i would love some feedback.

ChanLum for Lightwave

well, sorta light version but well capable of producing some neat SSS-like effects for now…

lava anyone?..


id love to see some renders !! :slight_smile:

have fun,



holy froodleneutzkies!..the examples look great, downloading now…


That’s quite interesting EsHrA… I’m always interested in all SSS shaders specially since I have to wait before changing my renderer solution.
Too bad for these Lightwave SDK limitations… I guess developers have got used to it by now :rolleyes:
Since I don’t want to be rude, I won’t tell what I think about all these SDK and rendering limitations.

what are the functions you’re planning to add to your plugin? and what if I put a map in the luminosity channel?.. is it going to be taken into account?

I also guess we have to forget about the 'Shading Noise Reduction ’ to be taken into account as well (SDK Limitations again :rolleyes:).

The one I’m using now is ‘Ska’… one of its features which I thing is interesting is the ‘Depth Color’ and the ‘Curve’… do you think It’d be hard to implement these?

Anyway… Thanks for sharing and congratulations for your work… it’s got potentials in it.

The ripper.

PS:I’ll post a test as soon as I’ve got something.


ChanLum use a total different approach and it doesn’t provide SSS but a simulation based on local “area” variations of the Luminosity channel.

It’s really sad in seeing how much LW’s SDK is limited; we all know (developers even really much more… all my praises to them - for what it’s worth)… ok… sorry… I’m blabing a lot!

So… comparing ChanLum and SKA is not possible although they provide similar results in a certain specific usage’s range.

Here is a very simple test (better viewed on a black background)… just basical, trivial and nothing special (gosh-darn… wish I have some more spare time)!


Mlon… forgive me (d*mn idiot… I am)! :blush:

Great Shader! :applause: :drool:
It provides good results and it’s fast also using quite high sample values.

Is it possible to Envelope the Radius value? It could provide really great animated shots… I made some tests changing the Radius and it should works ok.


I’m actually more comparing the results than what the plugin is called or what it’s supposed to do… for me results are far more important than asking myself… is it a real SSS shader or not?

I did some tests and in terms of simulating Sub Surface Scattering… it may not be what it’s was supposed to be at first but It really gives better results than ‘Ska’ and It’s also a lot faster and cleaner.

Maybe you’ll understand better when you’ll see the kind of results I get with it.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I agree with you on the fact that it’s not a real SSS but… who actually cares if it does the job you want.

Regarding the SDK limitations, it’s one of the reasons (among lots others) why I decided I’d stop using LightWave renderer as soon as the LUX team releases their own.
I’m already very happy with Modo and according to the information I have on their renderer, I’ll for sure be very happy when It comes out!
Lightwave is a good 3D package… no doubt about it but in my opinion, It’s out of date.

The ripper.


I’m totally agree… it was just speaking… nothing personal… just some little more information aimed to less skilled users: nothing less, nothing more.

I’m agree too that ChanLum provides better, faster and cleaner results than SKA (quite old and never updated)… and I’m sure you’ll be able to reveal all the ChanLum’s power.

I debated a lot (in the NT Forum) about LW’s SDK and other things and I completely understand your won feelings; I feel tired too and I fear they’ll never wake up… at least… we can say: “Who cares… I tried!”


I am totally agree, I also don’t want to stop using LW, but we really have some problems, one of the problems is LW renderer. We have a LW team and a 3D max team, as we cannot provide very good SSS effects, we lost some interesting jobs, and give it to 3DMax team. Our situation was very embarrassed.
Even LW does not provide SSS, we have developers and we could write our own, but due to the SDK limitation, we can do nothing. :sad:
I know many ppl will suggest using G2 ,(we have tested thousands times). Be honestly, G2 Skin shader and other features are very good, but its SSS …:sad: At least, I have not seen any good image with SSS by G2.
This is a quite serious problem for us, as we have to think about using other 3D packages(not just SSS problem). Althought we still have other problems , such as micropolygon, Lattice(for digital stunt replacement).,etc. But we still can use some stupid methods or spending more time to solve those problems. But, we really cannot do anything about SSS.


Aren’t luxology the same people that left Lightwave in the mess it is today? From what I hear, Lightwave will have some nice updates too.


Thus, Lux will not be our first choice.:slight_smile:


Here we are again… aren’t you tired of saying the same things again and again about Lux and Newtek!?! :rolleyes:

Honestly… what do you know about all this? hmmm? nothing! you just repeat what you read somewhere in forums. Nobody knows what happened simply because nothing have ever been said… just some guys speculations… that’s all.
In fact it’s not our business to know what happened between Newtek and Lux but their business.
I already left some companies for my own reasons… do you think I would have stayed not to put my ex boss in jeopardy and spoil my life for them!?! … does it really make sense to you?

In fact when I see the result, I’m pretty glad Lux did it.
Again, I’ve got nothing at all against Newtek… they just don’t provide the tools I need to work… Lux does!

The ripper.


How good is it? :eek:Can you tell us more? When will their new app available approx. (this year? next year?)


Yes please !


Ripper, do you have experience in coding? Like i mentioned i am not a programmer myself although it was my personal project to get Chanlum from C4D to LW.
So, im somewhat depending on other interested people who could take it further.
Maybe even enhance it with adding some other features i have in mind.
Antti (Coffee and Velvet shader) allready helped me allot.
Its not open-source but i have the c code here if somebody is really interested and has some time on his hands too look into it…

oke, thnx mate for taking time and hope to see some of ur tests! :slight_smile:



Hehe, I first thought my eyes were missing something but it´s really a port of the c4d shader. And as a c4d user I am sure also LW users will love this shader. It´s an amazingly simple shader but so useful!



Hey Ripper…come on man post some pictures.


ok so i have to say that i really like this, its pretty easy to set up, and the controls make sense. For this pic i set the samples to 350 and i had 9 passes PLD and mitchell… I have 1 spotlight, and the SSS surface has 50% luminosity applied. the “radius” setting appears to be the distance between when the non-shaded and shaded calculated rays occur in. anyone know the difference between the area and along normal settings?


Man, this plug is fun… really simple to use, really fast rendering.


I know.

But enough of that. The fact of the matter is is that you have shown us time and time again that it’s about the artist. Truly, the statement, “F(^K what the tools are, I’ll work it until it looks like I want!!”, apply at the pinnacle were you to utter it. Most of us dream and work forever to achieve an inkling of your skills. Please, brutha man, don’t put it in the hands of the software.

I have a copy of Imagine from Impulse that, were I to send to you, you could do virtually all you do in more modern day apps because your skills are so. This is the light under which I look at your post and wonder as to your passion on the softs as you complain about the conversations over it…

Can’t wait to see what you are able to do with this shader. Even moreso, I hope like all-get-out that you share some settings as you part our midst. I’ve missed your posts around and about, and as all will attest your beautiful WIPs shared, and now know that I’ll only stumble over them as opposed to them placed for my perusal like here and sq.

When their renderer comes out, I’m sure we’ll see a bit of your artwork in their gallery. Until that time, show us what the old girl can do. :wink:


I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again…but I’d much rather kick down 500 bones for XSI and get MR than wait for some upstart to make a render engine that might only get to a 2.0 version and cost the same amount. Maybe I’m way off…but couldn’t one do just about 99% of what one would want to do between the LW native renderer and MR in XSI? Look at it this way- with the deal that NewTek is running right now you could get XSI and LW for under 1000 bones! No sir…lux will not get my bux!


Bang that drum. Bang that drum…bang that drum for the man who has a passion to do a conversion!

Good job on providing an alternative and thanks for sharing EsHrA!

The future is nigh! :thumbsup: