Luxology show the upcoming sculpt tools inside Modo


Today Luxology show a preview about new sculpting tools inside next revision of Modo … you can download the video here

Direct video download



That is quite impresive.


I thought that “Sculpt” tool was just going to be a basic one for blocking out shape, but that was actually quite a comprehensive. It even has image based brush and stencil! Very nice indeed. Look forward to the next Modo release.


Great modeling package, good UV tools, great render engine and now this… I’m really well impressed.



This is seriously tight. I never had any real reason to try Modo before, but I will now. I wonder how many polys that mesh was, it’s extremely responsive for the amount of detail it’s holding.

I love competition :slight_smile:



Very nice, I hope Lux will post more videos like that. I like sneak previews.


Depending on your hardware, it’s usually smooth sailing well into the millions on a single subdivision surface mesh.


Now we just need animation and we will be set.


I think we can forget about Zbrush vs Mudbox as I think we’ve just found the winner providing it can handle the polycount.


Since they never talk about a linux version I see myself looking at a hell of a lot more often :slight_smile: Now that Maya 8.5 will be intel compiled the mac based studio is looking more and more as an option.

Looks really nice, and on top of it they already have a decent paint built in.

stefan andersson


I must admit that I wasn’t expecting this from Luxology, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise.

As Brad Peebler said himself, this is a technology preview only, so if you want high detailed sculpting in the near future you are better going for Z-Brush or Mudbox.
Don’t forget that Modo 201 was only released in May. so the next major release could be between some and several months away.

I did like the quote from the weekly modcast :
“Some people may think that it’s a coincidence we are putting out this technology preview at a time when similar applications are in the news … well duh !” :smiley:

My personal feeling is that Luxology will have to work really hard to have their sculpting features anywhere comparable to specialist programs like Z-Brush and Mudbox. Then again, their 3D painting element is certainly comparable to other specialist 3D painters I have used, so it is possible.


certainly is a somewhat surprising move…modo having tools like that of hexagon and silo2 beta looks like all the stand alone modelers will be implementing a z brush/mudbox style capability which is interesting to say the least…now modo is the only ‘modleing app’ out of the above which also has a full on renderer/painter and poly modeling toolset…z brush is almost there but isn’t full featured poly modeler…

interesting times!

so…what next?..animation, bones , fx…full on studio app to rival maya, max lw, xsi?


The Linux version of modo is in beta testing, but I wouldn’t count on it being released any time soon.

so…what next?..animation, bones , fx…full on studio app to rival maya, max lw, xsi?

Not next, but yeah, it’s coming sooner or later.


Okay, I think it was pretty obvious that Modo would sooner or later get some sculpting tools.

But I’m with yog here: It’s a technology preview, so maybe getting excited right now isn’t the best thing to do. Pixologic showed some technology previews of ZBrush 2.5 back in November 2004. 2 years ago - and 2.5 still isn’t ready for the masses, since there are just so many things that have to go into this. Nevercenter is in the same situation, allthough 2.0 is shaping up really nicely.

Let’s keep that in mind. In the video, they don’t really show anything that can’t be done in any of the other sculpting packages (and I wouldn’t say that that model was that detailed) - what Luxology has to come up with, what I think will be the holy grail of sculpting tools is that we finally can sculpt without topology (and hopefully without polygon limits) in mind and lay out the topo later on without losing the work we put into the sculpture. That’s where things have to go and that’s what I’m expecting. Take the computer crap out of the design stage and simplify the process that it takes to create a good topo for a character.

This preview is nice and all and I really like having a package where I can paint, sculpt and do render-tests, but in reality, I just want a tool that let’s me design and not lose work after the design stage. Right now, we’re in a hodge-podge situation, where you have to go from a to b to c and if you screw up once, you screw up the whole pipeline. I really hope they’re thinking of this and aren’t just doing what everyone else is doing, but think ahead of their competitors.

In the end, I don’t think we’ll see a 301 version before Fall 2007, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’d become Summer of 2008 until the final finally ships. It just takes a huge amount of time to get it just right, so let’s not get excited too soon. Mudbox and ZBrush are what’s available, with Silo 2.0 being able to do pretty much what we’ve seen here except for the texture painting. We’ll see how things turn out.


Alright. I am officially impressed.



Looks Quite amazing to me ,easier to use than Z-brush ,and fully iintergrated into a Modelling UVing ,Painting package…woohhhayyyy.
Thomas ,I think your missing the point with how few Polys the Object had…that seemed to be the point ,its that he was doing incredibly dense and complex Displacement on a realy low poly mesh:eek:

I’m with you on the Preview thing though ,they have to come up with the goods sooner than later ,however Lux are generaly pretty Reliable on this one…Interseting times…suddenly spoilt for Choice:bounce:


looks very cool.

I tryed Modo, but I couldnt get my head around the fact that it didnt have pivots and selecting object where a pain in the arse compared to max/silo/maya etc. if they fixed that Id use it without any problems.


It does have pivots.


Looks impressive. However, I’m equally impressed, if not more, with Silo’s 2.0 Beta. It’s a good time for modelers!


Thats pretty cool indeed, how many polys it can handle? Brad didint mention it.
Imo, mudbox is still whole lot faster than modo, but as an modonaut I have to say thats Sexy.
Modo 301, animation, sculpting, painting and rendering… Ah, thats just fast work, I wonder if it is nexus behind all this. ; )