Luxology has fired up their .com domain and are showing some details about Modo (under the products category).


More about Modo!

Here is the answer to what everyone has been asking.

Pricing and Availability
modo will be available in early September through Luxology and its worldwide partners. modo will ship on a single disc supporting both Mac OS X and Windows. modo will sell for a suggested retail price of USD $895, with a limited-time introductory price of USD $695.


be more like 200 and get people interested guys there is a famous 495 out there and its not justa modeller


This is already being discussed in the main forums:


How can it be that much more than a Lightwave upgrade…they need to at least have a transfer pricing to get u interested. And yes XSI is definitely looking more than favorable than this HOWEVER Modo uvs is anything like Maya and XSI they got one up on LW.

Man… its crickets at Newtek.


If this is the core modual that Lux has hinted future modules (animation, rendering, perhaps) will connect to, then before the XSI price drop anouncement the starter price wouldn’t have looked too bad. But when compared to the new XSI price it certainly doesn’t look good :shrug:

Crickets ? … I don’t even hear crickets.


This was posted in January, on the “Modo: Q&A with Brad Peebler” thread under CG News.

“Because of the number of years we spent in the Lightwave community , there will be a “friends and family” upgrade price for Lightwave end users , including a special bonus for users of Lightwave 8.”

Hopefully that price will be less than $700.


Luxology is located in the San Francisco bay area. Niether office space or housing is cheap, not to mention overhead like electricity and payroll taxes. The costs of keeping the doors open and the employees payed has to be much higher than in San Antonio.


So what you’re saying is that… they can’t afford crickets? =)

(bad one i know, but it’s 9 am here :slight_smile:

On a lighter note, i for one are very interested what Newtek will announce, IF they will announce anything. If not they DO have more problems than i first anticipated. Just seeing new stuff released never impress me enough to fortell the demise of Newtek, i’ve been down this road before and they are still around and kicking :slight_smile:


So, are we paying for their luxury to live in S.F., or for a decent app at a decent price? :wink:



So far I am not impressed by Modo. It just has some more features than LW Modeler and the whole UI thing is only usefull if the modeler of your main app sucks. Where are the killer features that no other app has but everyone needs?

But the price is really a joke. Even the introduction price is way to high. I really think they will need to rethink their pricing, especially after the big price drop of XSI.



Saw modo today and got to talk with the demo artist…it looks beautiful from an appearance level, but in all honesty, it’s just a modeler and still has some shortcomings.

There are no splines, no patch modeling, no history…and it still has some limitations from a workflow standpoint (yes it is robust, but i think it misses the mark on certain things that are inherent in the architecture it is trying to improve upon).

The price tag is a little robust considering what is available in the current market.

Modo is a stab in the right direction, but in the end, it is missing its mark…let’s just go to Utah for the solution, shall we say.


That is one thing that I noticed too, especially looking at that XSI deal, that probably took everyone by a surprise.
Heck, it might even make sense just to use XSI for modelling, since it gives us patches, edges and a construction history :wink: (the former two being my main gripes with LWs modelling capabilities).



In all honesty, it merely democratized the landscape.

Those with the right tools and architecture shall win. :rolleyes:

Anyone see the FCP, Combustion, Alien Brain and soon to be Shake project export features of one of my beloved new tools?

All I can say is bring on the heat…we will all benefit.



Lol, wasn’t it you who proclaimed (amongst others) that it’s the artist, not the tools? :wink:

Seriously though, I’m not sure about democratizing the landscape, since XSI is more like a steamroller. They had plenty years on a high price to develop their package, and now they can afford (with Avid’s backing) to dump it to the market. I’m quite sure this move isn’t only aimed at newbies, but mainly at users of other apps that are grumpy, and would rather buy this than an upgrade (Heck, and it costs half as much as lux will want for modo alone).

Of course, if softimage cann keep going that way, fair enough. It will make it harder for smaller vendors to keep up. They used to have the pricing advantage, now they eitherhave to be very smart, or fit into a niche.



I see now that as Luxology are paying for a banner on this site, that every now and then the Lightwave forum will now be headed by the Luxology/Modo banner.

How this must grate with Newtek, especially as all mention of it is imediately expunged from their own forums.
I shouldn’t smile, :slight_smile:


That isn’t what I read from another SIGGRAPH report.


I got your reference, Policarpo … Silo’s:) made in Utah for $109


No. What is it? C4D?


Well, I am here and asked the question and was told that these features aren’t part of this release…so I am not sure what you are reading.

I am here with questions in hand for what it is worth. :slight_smile:

Modo is an elegant environment and a nice solution, but in all honesty…it isn’t worth the weight in gold it is asking for. They have a very large moutain to climb, and in a sisyphusian sense, that mountain isn’t going to get any smaller.

If you guys have any specific questions feel free to drop them here, I will check the boards throughout the day.

Anyway, time for my West Coast Japanese breakfast.

Cheers. :love: