is up: more info on MODO

#1 is up, with more information on the new modelling program MODO.

Very nice.


No pricing or ordering information yet, though.

Perhaps after tonight.


It was previously mentioned that the price would be $695 or 795, but that might change with recent events. So far the apps looks great, but I wouldn’t call it revolutionary, unless they are keeping the more impressive info for the unveiling.



There is a press release type article at:

The article states the intro price will be $695. That is way too high in my opinion. LW’s modeler is everything I need. Silo is just a few bucks over $100. I didn’t expect Lux to price Modo at the $100 price point but did expect them to tease with a decent intro price. At $695, I’ll pass on modo and get my token copy of XSI first.


I agree, the Modo features seem pretty cool, but I can already do a lot of these things with Silo and Silo gets updated very, very often - And that at a pricetag of 100 bucks…


Finally !
I look forward to trying it.
But it’s true that 895$ is expensive nowadays (XSi isn’t that bad in modelling no ? :wink: )


$895! Woah! I don’t know if I would pay that for just a modeler, and especially with SILO at $100. SILO is missing the UV editing and Morphing, but believe me those and much more are coming soon. At that high price point you would think they would also have a NURBS modeling toolset as well.


Way over priced.


I can’t help but think that this is what Lightwave 8’s modeler should have been. Throw in project messiah’s animate/studio package, I just think, what if. Too bad these guys all couldn’t stay under the same roof. Maybe they all wanted to innovate and it wasn’t happening earlier.

Pricing will be key, especially with the XSI bombshell. However, from the write up and the videos, it looks like a wonderful environment.


Judging by the info on their site it certainly looks like an excellent modelling package. However the price puts me off to justify spending that much, especially as the LW modeller that I use is already very good. Maybe the workflow with the cool tools may make it worth while. I guess we will keep our eyes and ears open for more information.


I seem to remember that there was going to be a crossgrade discount for LW users. Let’s hope it’s a chunk less than 695.


looks like very cool evolution of the lightwave modeler:thumbsup:…
and the interface looks great !!:bounce:

but the price…:eek:…:sad:


Bad timing on the price.

I wonder if it would have been different if Softimage had anounced their price drop earlier :shrug:


I think Softimage has wrong footed many on their price decrease. I would like to be able to download a demo of Modo and see if it would make a big difference to workflow.


I watched the videos, it does look very good, some sort of Lightwave on vitamin C, but nothing revolutionnary yet for such a price.
We’ll have to wait and see, but those times are awesome for us passionate users !!! :smiley:


well, looking at the videos, it’s exactly (well very near atleast) the kind of evolution I was hoping for from lightwave/newtek, and thus it fulfills my expectations, but $695 is as stated WAY overpriced (not to mention $895!), even taking into account the “secret technology” that is to be unveiled at a private viewing. this is a tour de force subdivision modeller, and while I see it as alot better (in my taste) than silo, it’s not $595 better. that said, I HOPE they will realise this pricing to be unrealistic and hopefully lower it in time for the software launch in september, not likely though :sad: .


$695? Stillborn.


Possibly Luxology’s best move would be to claim it was a typing error and drop the price by a couple hundred quickly :smiley:

Then again, Modo has always been billed as being part of a pipeline that integrates with existing tools, which suggests being aimed at a medium to large studio. Would this be overpriced for such a studio, especially if the integration was seamless ?


Modo realy feels like home for every Lightwave modeler, it has all the tools and interactivity that is still missing from LW. Although i need to see more to be persuated for trying it, if they make an exchange policy in the future, like giving your lightwave dongle to get a very reduced price, maybe then its worth the purchace. Of course this price would have to include a kick ass animation and rendering system as well.


they certainly didn’t invest very much for a fast server. The site is slow as hell.