Lupus Major, Michael Dashow (2D)


Title: Lupus Major
Name: Michael Dashow
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This was my entry for Dominance War IV, a large character design contest sponsored by Game Artisans. There were a whole bunch of rules for what kinds of characters you could show and what you needed to include - I won’t bore you with the details - but this character is a cyborg wolf with a pet dog. Here are some of the other sheets I needed to include:

Model Sheet

Concept Sheet

Text Sheet

Lupus was designed on paper, modeled partially in 3DS Max, redrawn in pencil, and then painted over in Photoshop.


Typically brillant Michael - man, you have such a gift for imbuing your creations with a great character. This is no exception - I could stare at your detailing for hours man. Phil


Wolves with frickin’ laser beams in their paws - I love it! I love the way the bg one looks like he’s just romping. Terrific imagination in this one.


Really spiffy Walrus! I love the color pallets and character styles you use in your work… they are inviting and fun and have an innocence to them. Really nice work!!!


Thanks folks! I appreciate the comments!
(and I seem to have updated the first post to include the text image again. Yay me.)


Nice work again, W. Good luck :slight_smile:


Excellent Work! Kick ass lighting, and character!


great work as always man! you style is very unique. hope to see you in the top 20 again this year!


fantastic…great work…:thumbsup:.


Superb…very nice work…


love both the main piece and the sketches as well, great stuff.


Now i feel even more sorry i couldn’t be in there with you guys DW’ing.
Just sorry we cant find his pet dog back on the conceptsheet, Love him!
Ofcourse I love both of them.
You did manage giving him tons of personality indeed!
Kick ass character & great Walrus image again Mike!:slight_smile:


original concept and design ,5*!


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