Luna, Hku64 (3D)


when I first looked at your work, I think it is the best work I have seen yet in my life, but I managed see that Luna’s nose is a little unbalanced, the nostrums on the right is slightly bigger than the left, giving Luna one glech, otherwise I say it is perfect, I can’t wait to see your other work


continuing from the comment I made earlier, the tones of the facial content, even though the tone may be the cause, but the darkness of the rones have already told me that when the outlines of the work was first drawn, the nose already is unbalanced.


Wow her costume is amazing :love: That must of taken a long take to make o_o; very good! I’d like to see alot more of your work ^^


very nice!great!


Absolutely Astounding. no crit.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: So cute, so detailed, so well done, i just have to love it


wow… awesome stuff

i can see how ??? said it wasn’t creative. I do know that japan and korea use this exact style over and over again… but who cares. Im not tired of it, and as long as its pleasing to the eye, all’s swell. besides, isn’t that the main point of art?

man the animations on his site are really something. … i love this final fantasy feeling it gives me. i get the goosebumps… its awesome.



what a crowd of details…!


A - MA - ZING ! :bowdown:
You have a FF style, wich I love, but you are too much BETTER!
Please give me lessons, master :bowdown:


pure 3d its magic and the ff style is so good . i like it a lot :buttrock: :thumbsup:


In case you didn’t catch my e-mail, I’m going to say here just in case…

I think we have a theif amoungst us:
Here’s the image in jpg:

Thieves don’t care what they take from others, why should we?.. Press charges to the fullest!



Someone is trying to steal your artwork!!!


outstanding work!!:thumbsup:perfect*excellent*extraordinary 3d!..very nice details!all details so beautiful….

lastly she is so pretty :slight_smile:


Out of this world.

You must be crazy, fella… :slight_smile:


NICE! I love your it. So beautiful. So perfect. GJ!


Yeah ,I like it. you modeling very nice ! And your hue is very nice! I have some your work!
You are very fineness animator !I believe you will succeed!
I will for it 5 stars!
Go on!


it’s great.


Very Good work. Very excellent work. Please put more wire mesh pictures!!
非常に良い仕事. 非常に優れた仕事. より多くのワイヤーメッシュ絵〔写真/映画〕を置いてください!!


Amazing design and great attention to detail. Only thing I do not like is the obvious ‘hentai/manga’ inspiration…legs look too long for the character. But this is only me I guess!

Maybe, it would have been even better if you had given more detail in the skin texture…does look plasticy…but it still is a super rendition!


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