Luna, Hku64 (3D)


Hi~:) ~~

Program : max5 , Photoshop CS ,v-ray , illusion
It takes a month.
And it use for 3D illustration.^^*

full size 4469*4845 download



Dang - thats some good CG!
No comments at all - faultless!
Really beautiful face, and excellent design and detail.

Thanks for the really generous sized renders
All your work amazes me - more! more!

You should def get front page for this!


Wow GJ! Though I did notice some low-polyness in her extra long hair but I gues it doesn’t matter =)

Nice amount of details and she does actually look cute :wink:

Oh yeah and the style resembles a lot of the work in
Have you perhaps contributed to soanala galleries sometimes? :o


I’m not very fond of the style. It’s cute. However it’s clean and works very well.


Wow! Amazing! That’s the best 3d anime character I’ve ever seen. The other characters on your site are also very good. :thumbsup:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


simply amazing… I have no words, just as usual with your stunning characters. Can you please tell us how long it takes you to create such a detailed image from concept to rendering ?


just good! :o)


stunning work here :wink:
maybe the contrast between model and background is a bit too hard (this white). I would render a one with a more greyish/blueish tone.
But no crit on the model. Awesome | 5 stars


beautiful !! beautiful !! beautiful !! beautiful !! beautiful !! :twisted:


Simply Great, but somehow I like the non textured version even more… sounds strange I know :wink:


:eek: Whole lot of detail… nice work.

Lighting makes it look a bit artificial, which it is of course. :rolleyes: But softer shadows would have made look even better I think.

WIRES!!! :scream:



As great as it is, i think that the cape would benefit from being a different colour - the body would be easier to make out then. I think thats why some people thought that the untextured image was better - the contours and shapes are easier to make out.

and, yes - some wires would be great


wow!!too great! :eek:


What a womderful work


Very beautiful. :thumbsup:



godlike again :slight_smile:

i wish i’ll be able to see a wire from your work :slight_smile:


Damn near flawless.


Oh My God!!! This is the most detailed 3d anime character i’ve ever seen!! It’s cute and very clean model! A wired post would be nice… (Suggestion: I think the background should be dark color)


very cool
can you post more?