LUMEN Plugin



July 12, 2005: 3D Attack is pleased to announce that we, along with several
known and respected plug-in developers, will be releasing a line of
plug-ins for CINEMA 4D.

The first in our line of plug-ins comes from Developer
Christopher Montesano Author of LightGen
Chris has joined up with 3D Attack to bring to the CINEMA 4D Community “LUMEN”. [b]

LUMEN[/b] is a completely new and rewritten version of LightGen, with some SPECTACULAR new features.

In the next few day’s 3D Attack will be adding a new forum on our board at with some sneak/peeks at LUMEN and for discussion.
Be looking for the release of “LUMEN” and “LUMEN Lite” version in the
3D Attack shop the next week.

LUMEN Features:

Polygons and primitives:

[li]Align to points or polygons.[/li][li] Aim in the direction of any object, polygon normal, or reverse normal.[/li][li] Support for selection tags.[/li][li] Support for UVW and spherical mapping.[/li][/ul]Splines and spline primitives:
[li] Alignment to the curve of a spline.[/li][li] Single/all segment support.[/li][li] User specified point counts with uniform or natural distribution.[/li][li] Control and animate spline lights with textures.[/li][/ul]Common:
[li] Editor/render light skipping controls with skip offset.[/li][li] Option to limit light creation to above the floor.[/li][li] Textures can be used to control light color, light intensity, visible inner/outer colors, shadow color, and shadow density.[/li][li] Editor/render brightness multiplier.[/li][li] Support for animated textures.[/li][li] HDR image support.[/li][/ul]Shadow Object for fine tuning shadows without affecting illumination.
Two shaders (LUMEN Streak and LUMEN XPoint) designed to help set up and animate lighting effects.


Sounds great!!

Looking forward to it. :thumbsup:




LightGen is a great plugin, a bit buggy and not extremely reliable but still very cool. Will look into buying Lumen.


Wow, good news Tank! If you’re accepting requests, I would love to have a good grass shader for Cinema. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this lately. Keep up the good work!



Thanks for your comment Byla. I don’t know why you think LightGen was buggy…hmm…never had a problem with it. Anyways, LUMEN will have ALOT more features so you should be quiet satisfied with the new version.


Of course we take request…you can post these later on our “subforum” for plugins.

Thanks to all for the comments! :slight_smile:



any screen shots? Or must we wait for the official forum post? :bounce:


Havent heard of lightgen. I assume it places virtual lights on vertices of an object ala DiTools and Jenna?


What would you guys like to see? Interface shots? Renderings? Animations? :smiley:



sounds cool… always interested in a new lighting utility


Well here is a little screenshot of LUMEN in action :slight_smile: We will post more on the 3D ATTACK forum later on. We are still in beta but should be final in about a week.



Great! Show us more Tank!


We will be able to give you guys some more in a few days :slight_smile: We are currently testing for bugs and creating some example files. Be patient guys…we will show more soon! I think most of you will love the new shaders implemented in LUMEN.



Just what I’ve been longing for! can’t wait. Is pricing confirmed yet?


Great news.
Can’t wait to see more from this plugin.

Thumbs Up.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


Reallyu great news !! :))


sounds interesting.
subscribing to thread



Can’t wait to get my fingers on this Baby :slight_smile:
Great news Tank and i must say i’m looking forward to see more of LUMEN !



Tank, a question. Is possible a feature in LUMEN I think will be very usefull for optimizing render times.
It is possible to make a slide control that goes switching off the darker lights in a lightdome from 0% to 100% bright. For example: Off all lights with values below 10% of bright.
When u got a large ammount of lights, the darker ones even toose ones with very little ammounts of bright (0.1%) are calculated by the render engine and not affect in the render, increasing the render times.
It would be better if you got a lightdome with lights only in the bright places, something like HDRShop’s LightGen plugin.
I think this will be a very usefull option.


Currently, LUMEN has a brightness multiplier control which will help control just that kind of thing.
Although, an option for shutting off lights below a specified value is a good idea, and it has been added to the “to do” list. =)