Lum, Ma Chen (3D)


Title: Lum
Name: Ma Chen
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

This is a still from an Urusei Yatsura,The character is called Lum.The character was created and rendered in 3DSMAX. Thank you and enjoy!

>> Hi resolution image <<


The model looks very nice :slight_smile:

But I think the textures on boots and clothing look distorted or perhaps they are too low resolution?


Wow! Great stuff. Ive never seen anyone do a real life version of lum before (apart from those horrid cosplay people!)

Really nicely done - good pose and the fur looks good, if a little ragged and pixelated. Couple of things though - lum has green hair and stripy horns, but i presume you know that. Outstanding work on that hair!
Great work - do you have any more pics of her from other angles or poses? Any closeups?

Any chance of a high res pic? That link doesnt work :sad:

Post some higher res pics, and different poses and i would say this is frontpage worthy :thumbsup:


Wow… face looks really good… would be good to see it form another angle!


Furs look perfect. Great render as well.


I was going to mention the green hair, but the red looks great. Nice Job.:slight_smile:


thz bottom of the boots should be a bit durty no? i dont know why but i dont really like the texture of the boots… however this work is really well done:thumbsup:


good job
here face is so pure I love it to be like this :thumbsup:
what is the most perfect is the hair
is there something wrong with the fingers I mean short
the fur is so bright



I love this girl


lol, love it that you’re doing Lum, Urusei Yatsura is my favorite anime show. It would be funny to do a model of her angry and zapping Ataru with lightening. :applause:


pretty girlkeep going on:smiley:


Nice looking character. I like the face and hair a lot. The only thing that bothers me are her clothing or to be specific the texture of her clothing. Looking at the hiRes Image, It has good textures for the skin, eyes, and hair, but the texture for the clothes just doesn’t match. I think what Anvirol said about the texture being lowRes is correct. Other than that this is one fine model. Lets see more.


Yeah, that would be pretty cool! How about making ataru a geeky teenager, but rendered realistically like you have done with her!
So, you got any more images of her?


She looks amazing! The hair does look great! All crits have been said already- so I’ll just say that this is awesome! Would definately love to see more!


woooooooow! hair and fur are flawless! Awsome model!


Love the work on the hair. Looks great!


beautiful work~ good model ,nice pose

love it very much:thumbsup:


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