Luciano, Hasan Bajramovic (3D)


Amazing work!


Wonderful job Hasan, I can’t wait to see more from you…
thanks for sharing, and great job again


Let me give my 2 cents. I agree with some people here who pointed out the stiff look of folds on the left sleeve, and mostly the light that could have been much more Caravaggio style from the candle itself. I don’t see why he has a candle lit if basically daylight is coming from a wide window. Perfect sculpt of the hands and pose of the body though, with the exception of the head and its expression, which to me looks more like a shepherd than a wealthy man; someone who lives outdoor, on a mountain, with the sunshine making his face constantly corrugated, and his skin dehydrated, but that’s me :wink:
BTW overall impressive work, keep it up! :thumbsup:


hbajramovic Wow. How long did it take you to complete the work? He would definitely fit into the Assassins Creed genre.


I really like it.;:wink:
the color scheme is amazing (Y)


Amazing work! I thought Holbein right away.

I did notice the sleaves to though. And the way the alpha on the feather makes the sleave look pasty white is odd.

The face is amazing though! A good example of how a-symmetry can bring a face to life.


Very well done, hbajramovic ! I like the face, but not very happy with the sleeve


Well done man.


great work. The face looks particularly good.

I would add one thought that things are a bit too neat. The lace around the neck and hands, the quill, all look to symmetric. I think some folds and gravity on the lace, and the quill have typical unevenness and clumping too, would make it look A+


I like that look on his face. He’s all like, “Hey you like my key?”


I really like it.
the color scheme is amazing


It truly is great work!
Is there a reference painting toward which you were aiming?

That said, let me add some notes, since a critique was requested:
The candle is putting out very little visible light, as seen in the reflections-- or lack of them. Yes, its possible that the window might preclude a need for the candle, but it would be nice “IF.”
Overall, the lighting seems dimmed, given the two sources. Is the rendering perhaps too few in ray levels and/or samples? More would “up” the reflected light, but what you have shown is verrrry-like a 1500 painting.
The pearl or topaz ring seems to be gathering light; is the face reflecting a lower light source that the window?
The wet reflections in the eyes seem reduced from matching the white of the collar. Though a minor point, those collars were made to be conspicuously-white (thus, not a laborer), and usually contained more undulations (try just bunching it together at the neck, and avoid piercing thru the collar). IF it is indeed (as most were) a LACE collar, then an alpha channel would make that clear-- it looks like brocade so far.
Both arms seem a bit too low at the shoulder, especially if his left elbow is resting on a book or something.
Tho it seems importune that the key is on top of his document (and lit), that is exactly the kind of artifice that Rennaissance painters included. However, the white buttons would more than likely have been hidden.
the velvet seems to have a very short “nap.” IOW, perhaps a wider choke on the renderer there.
The skin renderer is quite good-- but remember that a man of the time would have worn a hat outside, thus have little reason for age-mottling above the cheeks.
Just my .02 …
— on a very remarkably scene! Please keep it up and keep posting-- I’m learning a lot from this.


Great work. I really appreciate that you share so much information about creation and used tecniques. Thx u :slight_smile:


His face is amazingly well done, by far my favourite part of the image. His sleeves look a bit synthetic and fake, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, keep it up!


Simply stunning!
Could you also add some old paint effects?


Hi guys,

Thanks again for all the flattering comments and constructive inputs. I made a new render where I tried to fix a lot of issues that were raised. I fixed his clothes, quill and some other stuff. The biggest change is in the lightning since the previous render didn’t make sense to a lot of people.

Thanks for all your support


Great Artwork before, even better now, congratz buddy! :thumbsup:


My mouth is still opem…after 30mins of looking, unbeatable!
one of the best caracter work I ve ever seen!
:eek: :eek: :eek:


Seid: Thanks buddy :slight_smile: Mice master is kick ass!!! :bowdown:

okmijun: Thank you! Lijepi pozdravi!


top class !