Luciano, Hasan Bajramovic (3D)


Svaka cast Hasane! Odlicno je, poz iz Srbije…

Great piece of work, only critique would maybe be that the red sleeves look a bit unrealistic, the folds seem a bit too stiff, which pops from the rest of the image which is awesome… Just a minor thing really… otherwise, great work!


rajsilentmusician: Thanks man! Glad you like him! :beer:

Hvala ti puno Marko! Uvijek mi je drago cuti i vidjeti ljude sa nasih prostora! :applause:

Much appreciated Marko! Could have spent a bit more time on those sleeves but I think that the overall image is good and like you said its just a minor thing so :slight_smile:


Great work. As others mentioned there are still some things that can be improved, but overall it’s very high quality image, especially the face.


Thank you so much Toni! Really appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my latest work! Cheers!


When you take on something this ambitious, nothing should be taken lightly. The head and hands are nice, but though they are important elements, they are not the only things of significance in the scene and can’t carry the work completely. The clothing needs major improvement. The lighting needs work. You need to fix the distracting alpha issue of the feather affecting the sleeve seen through it.


Bill thank you for taking the time to write your constructive inputs! Much appreciated! :thumbsup:


There is an some mistakes shoulders.But great lighting style… :thumbsup:


Nice Work Dear


Nice material:applause:
Great work:love:


Odlican 5! Vjerujem da je bilo dosta znoja!

My only comment is on the sleeves. They feel a bit plastic to me, like they are carved in with layers tool in Zbrush it doesn’t feel like fabric to me, more like something hard.

Otherwise, straight A!



tlggungor: Thanks mate! Appreciate it!
gfx3d: Thank you!!! Glad you like him!
yuka: Thank you so much!
akademus: Hvala puno kolega :D! Thanks buddy!


Great work


Nice job on this!


Great work buddy, I like it! :beer:


Wow Stunning work! congratulations


fantastic job :thumbsup:


love the renaissance portrait style lighting


VERY REALISTIC SKIN, svaka cast!! :thumbsup:


Great work! Very cool image…


1- Amazing skin shader, very good looking head and hands. Great work here.

2- My eyes can’t take off the sleeves, sorry to say this but the folds are very unrealistic, and the shader looks like plastic to me. It seems there are glitters on his jacket. The feather is also too much soften on the edges.

Your picture looks great in a small size, but in full resolution all these details weaken the whole thing. But you’re very close to a very good portrait, keep it up!