Luciano, Hasan Bajramovic (3D)


Title: Luciano
Name: Hasan Bajramovic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

Hi everyone!

This is my latest work “Luciano”. He is a wealthy, well educated, dedicated father and husband in his mid 50s.

I got inspired with classical paintings this time (Hans Holbein a Northern Renaissance artist). I was browsing through his work for days and I just felt the urge to make this artwork.

I learned a lot during the making of this portrait. I did all of the modeling inside ZBrush and with the arrival of the latest version things got a lot easier. I had more time to experiment and play with dynamesh and not to worry about topology. I just loved it! QRemesher and the new topology tools really rock! All of the textures were hand painted with ZBrush as well. Fur and Hair was done with Fibermesh and then rendered out with hair and fur.

Rendering was done with 3DSmax and Vray.

Thanks for viewing and leaving your comments.
Previous render


Wow that is just amazing work!


Thank you so much Dillster!!!

Here is a version without DOF. I changed it a bit after sending it to the gallery. I’ll try to replace the image on the first post with this one.


Is an amazing work :slight_smile:
really like his expression , and over all painting style lighting


Thank you Baolong! Your Drogo is just breathtaking!


I have mixed feeling about this image.

On one hand, you have one of the best character model & texture out here for a while, on the other hand, the costume, from the hat to the clothes, are of average quality in modeling & texture. The hat looks like its ‘photo-shopped’ into the image, as the hat & head do not seems to match in lighting & shadow. The same can be said of the shelf.


Again I agree completely with PKD, could we see some surface settings for the clothing and a wireframe please to have a look at your polyflow.


hi guys!

thank you all for your inputs. I do agree that drapery could use some more work but at the same time this is the look that I was going for.

Here is 3dsmax viewport grab.



I do also agree with PKD concerning his “mixed feelings”. The attempt toward renaissance is great and the body is outstanding (except maybe some finger proportions). A pity the complete lack of black on all 3d models, looking like glowing somehow and giving that mentioned appearance of being pasted in postwork. Also the blur on the objects in the front doesn’t add anything to the renaissance feel, but looking like overtuned in PW. (paintings have no DOF and no blooming - even if the latter can be seen subtly applied on a very few dutch paintings around 1600, but these things came together with photography). A minus also the quality of the folds - looking boxy and rather uniform on his left sleeve and pointy at the other side. Otherwise very nice work!


Hi Zokana,

Thank you so much for writing all these inputs! They are much appreciated! As for the blur It was removed in my second post after inputs from some of the members.
Thanks again :thumbsup:

Here is an updated version.


Yes, shadows are much better now. Only his black robe might be still a bit uniformly grey. And the items behind his head don’t really give the feel of depth. Here a roughly done editing to show what i mean.

Cheers :beer:


Great work! I think the lighting is just fine as it is. It looks like a classic portrait that was lit with candles.

And I hate to nitpick but a bit of the ruff is intersecting with his shirt on the right.


Zokana thank you so much for taking the time to edit the image! I appreciate it :bowdown:

DanHibiki thanks mate! I’m glad you like him! Don’t worry :slight_smile: I just fixed it and updated the second and last post. Thanks for taking your time time to point it out! :beer:


This is really stunning, very, very well done. I would say one of the best of its kind.
But. Just one thing. Lighting. If I had done it, I would have chosen the classic route and
make the candle the key light and ad ome fill and rim light from an imaginary window.
A la Vermeer or Rembrandt, because that image is THAT good. It deserves more mood.
But thats just me :smiley:


Incredible work!


Great piece of work…for me this one is sure for top notch…best of luck Hasan :beer:


yuriki thanks pal :slight_smile:

fluidfxtd: thank you so much! i really appreciate your input! cheers mate !!!

Emmanuel: thank you so much! my next work thats in the making has that mood! i think you will like him! cheers mate!


hi guys,

if anyone is interested and wants to know more about my skin shader settings you can download them on this link
zip file contains a max file with Lee’s head scan and textures.


Amazing work, congratulations :slight_smile: