LucasFilms toons to Singapore:


Marc Graser, STAFF

Lucasfilm is moving forward with plans to develop its own slate of computer-animated projects, announcing today the formation of an animation facility in Singapore.

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore becomes George Lucas’ second such facility, having formed Lucasfilm Animation in California last year.

New studio, which will open by spring, will produce digitally animated films, television and games. Lucasfilm Animation VP-general manager Gail Currey will oversee the company and its creative staff. …more at link below.


Quote from George Lucas

“I’ve been a fan of Asian animation and illustration all my life,” George Lucas said. “Asian cinema has had a particularly big impact on a lot of my work. When we began thinking about developing new ways to explore the craft of animation, it seemed a natural step to combine the two. By having a base in Singapore, we can create a new style of animation that will blend East and West and offer something not seen before.”
…this is good news folks.


good news? Yeah for the cg kids in singapore it is. :sad: but if you are in america it stinks…one more company that is away from your grasp.


YEAAAA! Pixar, PDI and now ILM… YEAAAAAAA!!!
So many Animation Studios YEAAAAAAA!!!
So many jobs created YEAAAAAA!!!
I also cant wait when one of their animated features suck at the theater and they loose a lot of money and people will loose jobs.
It’s the high point in 3d animation and even now people are not getting jobs. A lot of studios are jumping in 3d animation like the dot com boom and see wht happened there!
Oh well only time will tell.


And what exactly is keeping you from moving to Singapore if you got a job offer at this new studio?


Why would the films suck? Are Asians any less creative than Americans? I’m happy they are going overseas, be cool to inject some new blood into the animated film industry, new, non-Western, concepts and visions for movies.

I didn’t hear too many complain when the Star Wars prequels were being made, all of them were partly filmed abroad, with many non-American crews.

Good luck Singapore.



i cant believe some of you whine to every thing that happens in this industry.

This is not a artform exclusive to USA so get used to it. also like lyr said there is nothing stopping you from moving to singapore or india or wherever if your dream job is there. Most of us moved to US from our countries to persue our dreams its not that uncommon.

well darktiding , remember final fantasy? it did not bring the industry down. I am sure some films will make good money some will bomb , investors know the risks.

regarding the “people cant get jobs at the high point of the 3d industry” thing , give me a break , if you dont suck you’ll get a job. I know MANY people who got jobs right away with killer reels. Its not the industries fault NOT hiring unqualified applicants.

I am glad lucas is expanding like this , i am looking forward to the movies that’ll come out of there.

my 2 liras


To be blunt, there’s a ton of work out there, especially in the US and the UK. No matter if the large, more famous studios branch out abroad, it has little impact on the industry as a whole, except to serve the sensationalist writings of certain newspapers and political presure groups.

If you look at it this way, there are many situations in which farming work abroad isn’t practable, and thus plenty of jobs are here to stay. From broadcasting corporations, to post houses, etc.

The work is there, and like sheepfactory said, if you have the skills, you can get work. Anyway, I’d love to get a job offer abroad, be sweet to take in a new place for a couple of years.


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you’ re going to have to paint with a more broad stroke if you plan on having a future with CGI. Where is it written that CGI employment only exist in the 50 states. When actaully its every where esp europe and Asia.

Get your skills together and prepare mentally on the fact that jobs in regards to CGI are not limited to just the US.

U might find employment else where like New Zealand, Europe, Japan or Singapore.
who knows???


Hey. I have visited Singapore and it is a great place and would love to work there myself for a couple of years. There is a world outside the USA you know. Japanese Anim for instance is very innovative and creative. There are studios doing great work here in the UK, in France, other parts of Europe, in the Phillipines, Hong Kong, in Malaysia and elsewhere. We should be happy that our skills could give us the opportunity to work in other countries.


one more company that is away from your grasp.

Not all, this one is a subsidiary. There is also a US Lucasfilm Animation, last time I heard they were still at the old Pixar buildings in Point Richmond.


CHINESE :applause:


The main langauge there is actually English. :thumbsup:

EDIT: This is because there are many diverse cultures there. You have cantonese Chinese speakers , manadrin Chinese, Philipino, Maylay, Indian and westerners.


I think this is great. Asia has so much to offer creatively, it should be fun to see what they produce. The marriage between the two (judging from the statement above) seems very balanced between economics, business, creative philosophy and the future of film-making. It’s not some outsourcing endeavor to exploit cheap labor, otherwise it would be in a totally different country. Singapore is a not cheap place to live in. It has a thriving metropolis and the technological infrastructure to support such programs. Plus, with the exception of the Philippines, it does hold the distinction of having a unique blend of both western and eastern cultures.


If anyone thinks for one second that the real reason he’s doing this is to “blend styles”, you’re kidding yourself.

Take a walk through any animation studio in the US and you will already see a very diverse group.

The reason this is being done is to save money and increase output. That is the only reason. Anything else listed as a reason is a smokescreen.

The labor laws on overtime, unions, etc are very different in places like Singapore. Mr Lucas can now get a film done for a fraction of the cost he could do it in the San Fran area.

Don’t believe the hype!


Are you sure? Here are some real facts:

The standard legal work in a week is 44 hours long (five-and-a-half days). Employees are entitled to a minimum of seven days of vacation leave for the first year of service, with most enjoying two to three weeks of leave and paid sick leave…

Personal income tax rates in Singapore are among the lowest in the world. Most companies in Sinagpore are good at rewarding their employees such as vacation leaves, bonuses, health and dental insurance which are year end standard employee benefits most companies offer. Most employers give their workers a bonus during the Chinese New Year. Other perks could include car and housing loans and incentive travel overseas. Legally, overtime rates must be not less than one and a half times the hourly rate.

Doesn’t sound bad to me. I know a fair number of people who worked in Sinagpore and they loved it, but it is very competitive which shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

The wage differences aren’t that much different and in some cases higher in Singapore, but it depends on what job (Lawyers get paid more overseas for instance). The savings may be to do with TAX incentives, facility rent, setting up costs rather than wages. Plus Asia does actually have a big creative talent pool to draw from.



You probably have some valid points, but if he were looking for cheap labor, I think he would have gone elsewhere. I, believe, the cost of living in Singapore is quite high, the wages somehow must reflect that. As far as overtime, perhaps they don’t have the same labor laws. The funny thing, I don’t think they apply here in the US, anyhow. I worked at a couple of game company’s in the past and they immediately put you on salary whereupon one works endless hours. It’s either you go by their rules or they don’t hire you. Although, I enjoyed the work, I had no real life, so I got out of that particular industry. As far as unions are concerned, do “we” artists even have one worth any clout?

interested, Dan.


was only a matter of time before someone responded with negativity in regards to this news.



Sheep factory:-
Only time will tell. Only time will tell.
Yes! people are getting jobs becuase many studios are booming up and trying to get a peice of the action ie 3D Animated Films.
Disney and now ILM are the new entries in the race.
Its basic economics, if theres a high point theres definatley a low point.
Its like the dot com boom. People with awesome flash websites and ecommerce killer webstes were getting hired and look where most of the landed. Thats right the unemployement line.
I dont want to sound pessimistic but I feel studios must rethink and do something different for a change rather than following the herd and doing what others are doing without even realising the risks that may occur in the future. But What the hell! we have people who think things will be allright and every one will be happy. :slight_smile:
and oh btw final fantasy hmm I wonder wht happened to the studio.
Oh yea! and I totally agree with floyd all this asian hype is just another reason to cover the main reason MORE WORK FOR CHEAP LABOUR!


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The studio is an international one. It will assemble the best of the best
around the world. Being a Singaporean will not be a direct passport to
the job. So its a fair competition.

Believe it or not, seems like hiring in US has began.

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