LucasArts Restructures, Moves More Development Off-Site


LucasArts confirmed today a major restructuring of its development studio. It marks the first change within the company since Jim Ward took over as president in May. “Since joining LucasArts in early May, I’ve taken a hard, critical look at our business. I’ve come to the conclusion that to make LucasArts thrive and to position ourselves for the long-term future, we need to make some fundamental changes.” Today Ward named Peter Hirschmann Vice President of Product Development, who will oversee both internal and external development. Hirschmann has been with LucasArts for two years and has been involved with such titles as Secret Weapons Over Normandy and the upcoming games Star Wars Battlefront and Mercenaries. Hirschmann was previously with Electronic Arts where he launched and oversaw the Medal of Honor series. As a result of the restructuring, 31 people from the development studio were laid off as the company will be concentrating on fewer titles.




Why don’t they just take a hint from the market and stop with the Star Wars series… They exploited the same old idea further than any Disney franchise has gone before. :rolleyes:


I remember when I went all-out to buy every Star Wars release, but now…the games simply don’t try to be the best.

After Jedi Knight: Dark ForcesII - it went down-hill. I think X-Wing Alliance and Star Fighter were the only decent games after that…

With all the books and background about, why must we keep making runs on the sodding DeathStar trench? I’ve yet to play it, but I think KOTOR is the only Star Wars release I’m interested in - and that isn’t even a LucasArts game!

Another thing that makes me want to spit is when they keep recycling the music from the films. When Tie Fighter first saw the light of day, it had brilliant and original music that blended with the action in realtime, but when they updated it to the Windows95 edition - they simply replaced it with the film’s score. It gets sooooo repetitive after a game or two…

And now, they seem to have scrapped the adventure genre completely. What have LucasArts got left to give us? :shrug:


You failed to mention their bad attempts at Star Wars RTS games… Force Commander.


Yeah yeah…whatever. Has anyone here played FULL THROTTLE? or CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND? lucasarts is not about star wars franchise only u guys :). Personally, the “concetrating on fewer game titles” is making me happy. Lesser titles, better quality.

that’s my humble thoughts ( did i say those loud ? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yes of course we have played those. The problem is that if they concentrate in fewer titles, chances are they will all be Star Wars titles. No more original titles. Just remember that they cancelled the sequels to Sam and Max and Full Throttle.


Full Throttle, Sam and Max, and Mokey Island are all awesome games… I’ll take you back even before that… Maniac Mansion, Maniac Mansion DofT?

The problem is we don’t see those games anymore. Adventure games aren’t dead in the water, either… take a look at a little place called the Adventure Company.



Yes they rocked.

but you do know Lucasarts cancelled Full Throttle 2?

I would much rather prefer they do kick ass games like Grim Fandango than the star wars games they have been putting out one after another.


They will make whatever they believe is going to bring in the cash…


That’s because they’re a business entity, not Camelot.

There’s nothing wrong with capitalism if they can support the growth of art. I do not understand why people are so against creative-ware companies making money.


i guess everyone hates to see another bad attempt at making money by ripping off customers. decent games will sell in decent numbers and bring in the cash, the question is if lucasarts has the drive to actually make a decent game … again.

was it just me or was full throttle a rather sucky game - more on the “interactive movie” side of things compared to their glory days of DOTT, S&M and monkey islands?


Re: GIJoe.

Full Throttle -> Bunnies clearing the mine field along to the classic “Ride of the Valkyries”. :bounce:

Nuff said.


“Day of the Tentacle” was the first CD-ROM game I ever played. I was blown away by the fact that they could fit all those voices on there! totally revolutionized my interest in adventure games.

hehe, I remember reading in the DooT instruction manual way back when that went something like this: “It is unlawful to make back-up copies of the disks of this game for any reason. So don’t do it. We don’t really have to worry about you guys copying the CD-Rom version, since that’s impossible anyway.”

what a lack of foresight we had back then.


That’s because they’re a business entity, not Camelot.

There’s nothing wrong with capitalism if they can support the growth of art. I do not understand why people are so against creative-ware companies making money.

Did I say there is something wrong with capitalism or LucasArts doing what they want in order to make a profit? I was just stating a fact… I made no implications of whether it was right or wrong. And personally I agree with you…


but I ‘liked’ Full Throttle! :cry:

… so very disappointed when they canceled Full Throttle 2 and Sam & Max 2.

Just as well though. No time for adventure games anymore. Now I’m off to my ray-tracer! :arteest:


That is the only PC Game I have ever really liked. Heck the only game since I use to hit the arcades all the time in the early 80’s.


Sam and Max, the Monkey Island series, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango were all great games. It’s a shame to see all these kinds of projects get shoved out of the way for more and more Star Wars franchise titles.

That being said, X-Wing and Tie Fighter were great games too, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more space flight sims in the SW universe- but as someone already mentioned, enough Death Star trench run already…


I’m sure this has nothing to do with Singapore’s new ILM house.


A bit different since the Singapore facility is for Lucasfilm Animation, a totally separate division from ILM. True, the US based Lucasfilm was supposed to share some staff with ILM, and also long time ago ILM was supposed to be making digital features, but Lucasfilm Animation remains a separate (if related) company (which does have its impact).


I think game developers are prepping for the market shift toward the newer consoles in 2005-2007. Unfortunately Full Throttle and Sam and Max are old PC adventure titles that were great but haven’t proven themselves in the modern gaming era of Grand Theft Auto/Resident Evil or FPS genres. Developers already have XBox 2 kits to work with, I don’t know about Sony. If I was a develpper faced with multiple platforms knowing the game development times and money involved I would be looking to minimize risk, shave current losses and dev costs.

Just in case anyone didn’t know, Cinemaware from old PC games like Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger, Wings, and It Came from the Desert are back in business re-making/updating older style PC games.
You won’t see Defender of the Crown on the Top 20 Game sellers. Possibly something big game developers see and would prefer to avoid.