Lucas' sketch book



         welcome - hopefully some progress will be evident in the sketches to come
           latest n greatest:



hmmm looks like hitler?.. 20mins.

dsf regurge, 45mins

2hrs potrait of girl


a play of ‘the Crucible’ is playing at the moment in Auckland - I want to go see it.

50mins ps


quickish potraits of a girl named Britt

1.5 hrs




sketches of girl named Belle



6hrs (i cant draw fur :sad:)



these are soft pastel - you can see I have Asymmetry problems - but I dont know how to address that issue in physical media - Im going to invent vision flipping glasses © :slight_smile:

1.5 hrs

1.5 hrs


pencils, pens + markers

Charcol + pastels.


some daily sketches that padded out:

useful brushes:


Pencils Pastels Pens


This I was making for part of the CHOW Gangus memorial

3ds Max, Ps, Phototexture
My 3d plate
My photo image


sketches at a netball game:

Keira Potrait charcol, pastel, acrylic, artrage, photoshop:


some lifedrawing:

30min potrait:

Self potrait (feels revealing…)


read a blog by my friend last 2am, inspired me to make a quick sketch b4 dreaming. ‘stole’ the background idea from an artist called Marc Brunet

Erin: Would you recognize me at home alone? Would you recognize this girl
who drinks a beer just because that’s what feels right with friends so
maybe it feels ok when she’s by herself? Would you recognize this
dillydally girl who wanders the streets in no particular direction,
just to get lost, just to be found


Potrait Natalie.
Acrylics Charcoal and hardout Photoshop and Artrage:


this got a sketch of the day - so im stoked yea…


Nice sketches! I especially like the one with the little fairy thing. Keira and Natalie look cool, too, I recognized them. :wink:

And for the physical-media-asymmetry-thing, you could stick it in front of a mirror and see what looks off. It’s not as good as flipping it on the computer to work on it, but I think it helps.
I’ll buy a pair of those glasses, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Grey pastels over 1.5 hours

Oh and thankyou Imirie - yes a hand mirror might be nice and handy, ive been having troubles with my goggles - because they flip your hands as well and all of a sudden you are drawing inside out! o_O


a self potrait for the dsf:


cool introspective self-portrait, Lucas. I like the gritty brushes too :slight_smile:


i like your sketch book alot you’ve got some very powerfull images there… its to bad theres no room for crit on individual drawings… keep it up… very good stuff