Lowpoly-"highpoly" human model WIP


I have recently had an out of body experience (thanks to SplineGod’s article in 3D World September issue). Keep the polyflow groovy, and the model will rock… so to speak…

After some doodeling, I have started to treat and think of polygons as regular nurbs. Working with a simplified flow of MetaNurbs (as well as HyperNurbs and any other editable subdivision), you can get the feel and behaviour of regular nurbs when the flow of the polys are proper as well as the polycount is kept to a minimum.

And as always, good ol LightWave does the job well, but regardless of application, you got to have proper reference material!

Oh joy oh joy, one afternoon of working (could never have done this some time ago):



i like it. i’m not good at organic… but the wires make it look so easy… and yet so hard at the same time. sexy hands too :slight_smile:


Hey Petterms,
Looking good! Im glad the article was useful to you. This is the sort of
stuff I cover in my courses. Those principles are the same regardless of the application.
I have some free video tutorials on my site that do cover some of this. :slight_smile:


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