low poly sword


sorry that it so basic. just started and need sum guidance. newbie to 3dsmax. month or so. wana make a sword, any advice PLEASE.?? 144 polys and all quads


update. im getting frstrated. i need help!!!


Heh, talk about a WIP! It looks good so far though, why are you so frustrated? What problems are you having exactly? I find the best way to make a sword is to start at the base of the blade, delete the face on one side, and start extruding edges along the path your sword needs to be. Use as many extudes as you think you need to get the resolution and detail you need. Make sure this box has enough splits in it so that you can go in and add detail without having to do a split polygon function all the way down the blade. Then, construct the handle out of a separate piece of geometry and position it behind the lowest end of the blade. Then make the handguard out of another object, then the endcap and the metal piece that is between the handguard and blade and so forth. It helps to have a drawing scanned in to help use as a modelling reference. Here is the katana I did back in the fall as a helpful reference for you:

Any further problems, state em specifically and I (we all) will see what can be done.


ooo. that was nice of you. thing is… i duno wat u sed!?! erm. i heard it was better to model making it all out of one mesh rather than loadsa objects next to each other. i dont no what you mean by anchor, and would i attach these seperate components?

could u post a mesh of your sword please? looks nice but seems like thats jus from texturin. i wouldv thought the mesh would not be too complex.


UPDATE. better worse??? wat do you think. NOW IM REALLY STUCK. where do i go from here???


Dude, I don’t really want to discourage you or anything…but do some tutorials and use some reference.


thanx again fot that, i no i do need to do some tuts but, I SWAER i no all the modelling methods. I just dont no where to start or what to do. thats why i am getting s frustrated. I think the problem is that i really do need sum reference material. can ANYONE ELSE helpme PLEASE???



I have a couple of ideas for u!

  1. Make the blade longer. (Unless it is a harakiri knife)

  2. Make the handle rounder. Right now it is concave on the side, which would make for a very uncomfortable grip.

  3. What have you modeled at the base of the blade? If you align the polys it will look like there is a nother piece of metal surrounding the blade connecting it to the handle.

  4. If it is a knights sword, make the blade straight and the handle smaller. If it is a samurai sword, make the handle longer or just model it like the picture white rabbit posted for u.

But you are well on your way, just tweak it some more!:thumbsup:


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