Low poly modeling


Do you guy’s have any tip’s I can use ?


maybe take a peek up in the sticky for modeling tuts… maybe there will be a link or something :slight_smile:


Practice, practice, practice… Then practice some more!

Oh, and reading, and doing tutorials would probably help too!!!


thank’s look’s like I’ll have to get back to praticing.:slight_smile:


Well I can tell you this:
When modeling use the least amount of lines, don’t rush to add any extra lines unless you are absolutely happy with the points you have and their positioning on the model.

On the other hand don’t be afraid to go a bit more detailed and heavy on your geometry, because when you start to simplify your model afterwards to bring it under the desired poly count, that’s where I find a lot of the skills and creative solutions are developed.

I personally enjoy the second method more, but you do get caught sometimes especially with organic models like characters.


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