Low-poly Game character


This is going to be the character i’m using in a mini-demo game i’m making.
she has 2450 faces. right now she isn’t animatable (thats my next step, which i have to learn as i go…) Any crits welcome…
(oh yea… theres a spot on the shot of the head mesh that looks all funked up, its just the edge line for her pony tail, its supposed to be there)


the mesh seems clean to me :slight_smile: i would only tweak the textures and fix some unwrapping problems on her legs :slight_smile:


Good job overall, except she looks like a drag queen.


yea i noticed that about the unwrapping, after i posted this.

i’m still kinda new to lowpoly modeling, this was the first actual low-poly model i’ve made (attempted several others, but they sucked, so i scrapped 'em)

i’m gonna redo her uv map, and see if i can make it better, gonna redo her texture too, cause i agree with you, she does look like a crossdresser heh…

when i started her, i started with the templates used for the joan of arc tutorials over on 3dtotal.com, but other than just the basick shapes from those templates, everything else was off the top of my head… I origonaly wanted to give her some kinda armor, but i’m not sure how to go about doing that, without jumpping the polycount up higher… i guess i could lower the polycount on her head, but then i wouldn’t have a decent facial shape (i hate how some models have head shapes, with no features)


looks like a character from the game Omikron. Anyone ever play that game? i thought it was cool


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