Low Poly Environment WIP


Hi everyone, I’m currently working on an environment and thought id post to see what you guys think. Most of the modelling and some texturing is done, however the majority of the meshes still need cleaning up. The buildings are based on eastern European and Italian renaissance styles…


This is another of the finished models.



Well I think they look quite spiffy. I feel that the second model might be a little too “grey,” perhaps a little more colour variation in the stonework would make it really be perfect.



wow. Those look very nice :slight_smile: Keep up the great work



First off great idea and great job man !!. This looks a big city your modeling that would rock. Anyway i think both of the models look great and the textures on the first building are great, do you have bumps or normals for that one also ?? , and then on your church like building i don’t know if it’s the color of the blue area or if it doesn’t look right or weird,maybe it’s my monitor ?? LOL. Well again models look great, i always like looking at the Enivronments people work on so i know what people are modeling or what there thinking of. As an Environment Artist my self i’m trying to get better and model more complex models i need to do a big building or city like yourself. Well god job again , Peace

Chris Youngblood


Wow! the models are absolutely beautiful, that is inspiring stuff! The textures look a little bit muddy to me, just in general - it might be the image compression though. A lot of people I know use imageshack for image hosting, you might be able to try that if you want to upload higher quality pics? Great work!


Thanks for the replies guys. None of the models use bump or any other type of mapping, just a texture, as for the blue looking weird, im not sure…maybe its because its a low quality JPG, or maybe it is your monitor :smiley:


Thanks. Yeah ill definitely give imageshack a try, the pics i posted are pretty low in quality. Im working on getting an online portfolio set up, in the mean time im using my MSN Space as a temp place for some of my work… http://spaces.msn.com/members/Pavsfolio


Hey, I like the look very much. especially the textured house-row. Btw, it looks nice on my monitor :smiley: . I could imagine some nice WWII tanks roling down those streets …

Can’t wait for new pics.


very nice work!

  • BoBo


lol, I might be tempted to throw in a burned out tank! I’m going for an abandoned look, there’s a few ruined buildings and an abandoned factory area across a rail track from the town, ill post some new renders soon.


where do you get your textures? hand paint them?


The textures are created in photoshop from photographs, some taken by myself and from online recources.


Ok, checked out fileshack so heres a new render.



Really nice work. Can you post your texture flats? What size textures and how many are you using?


Each building has its own texture sheet, and some of the models share the same sheet. The church has 2 texture sheets. When i began this project i wanted to have it running in the Unreal engine so my texture sizes range from 512x512 through to a few at 2048x2048. At the moment im being tempted by the HL2 engine, I ran tests in both but it looks alot nicer in Source.

Heres the main sheet for the church, ill post more soon.


Fantastic work , i dont´s word. :bounce:


nice work, :thumbsup:


I like it, I wonder how it looks up close though. What type of game you making this for? if it is fps that method of texturing will make it really hard to keep good detail up close. That is the only thing I see. Besides that it looks really cool.


Very very nice. This would look good as a cityscape for a 3rd person zombie game.