[Low Ploy]Demo reel 2004


Hy all, here’s my 2004 demo reel. Hope u like it.

C&C are more than welcome as usual.

The first part, is an in-game demo using the unreal engine 2 to show how the characters evolve in their univers.

The second part is the demo reel herself.

I think you will find the whole video a little bit too long but nevermind, I’ll cut a little for job application :slight_smile:

In-game shots :

http://elhoimgibor.free.fr/Guntharf/TFE_FINAL_web.mov (right click, save as…) 35.2Mb

Cya :slight_smile:


110 view and no reply? thx a lot guys :slight_smile:


1st to reply!
Very nice models, I like them.

Is it part of a game(which one, would like to see a demo) or just for your reel?
Which software?
Who did the concept?

btw: you don’t need to blend into white with every cut, it’s annoying, maybe spend a bit more time on editing as it could be much better imo (I have a sharper look on points like that as I am working as an videoeditor). I think the first part( the animation) is a bit too long and there some other (well I wouldn’t call this errors) points that I don’t like, but it’s more the editing aspect.


Looks awesome! I have seen your models before, but it’s great to see them in action. To bad you’re using them for a shooter, but hey… that’s personal taste. Nice style, nice use of a limited amount of polygons and textures. Only real crit I have, is that in the rigging part of your reel, the third character moves really fast, without having the body look like it’s running. Try to slow that animation down a bit.
And oh yeah… You should really edit the thing better, but you already knew that.




Brilliant details and very good lighting…

What software do you use.

Keep it up buddy…



I like that man! But you should check this thread here: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=91683 - Sorry but you should change your showreel music… i’ve had that problem also when i found this thread.
anyway - the graphics are the main thing and they are great!


Nice work here…

It appears you spent a good deal of time on the texture work - but the rather bland mono-color lighting kinda blows out your subtleties… Perhaps some colored lighting to create a bit more mood?

The modeling work looks great…



Nice work here…

It appears you spent a good deal of time on the texture work - but the rather bland mono-color lighting kinda blows out your subtleties… Perhaps some colored lighting to create a bit more mood?

The modeling work looks great…



thx for all comments guys ! :slight_smile: and sorry for the last post :slight_smile: I’ll keep in mind all of your comments to make the next one much better !

Thx alot again :slight_smile:

Scrimsky : About the software > check at the end of the demo, all softwares are listed :slight_smile:

About the concepts > all are from me.


GENIUS!!! Excellent use of UnrealEd, very very very good. The models are excellent, low poly count with good texture maps.

Is it hard to rig the models and make it instantly recognizable by UnrealEd? Did you have to make tweaks once you imported the models into the Ed environment?:bounce: :applause: :applause:


AWESOME Guntharf, only thing id suggest is make the bit where they are running over from the ship is a little long, I love the showcase bit, brilliant reel, brilliant work man:thumbsup:


Thx for next comments :slight_smile:

plodej : If u’ve a good nomenclature (bones’s name), There will be no problem.

About the tweaks, hmmm, not really. In fact, if you rig your model on one UT biped (easily downloadable on the net), everything will be fine :slight_smile:


Wow thats pretty sweet.

I am very curious about how long it took you to learn unreal ed.
How long have you been using it ?

The ship is my favourite peice in your demo :slight_smile:
I am sure it was not the most difficult part of your work but it is
sweet none the less.


great reel. very nice.
i think prodigy suites it quite well.


hey there again!

as i already said in the model threads, i love your style. Imho the models and textures are perfect. But what about the environment? its kinda dark and still very ut2k4ish. Or is it just a different theme of the entire universe where the models take part? would love to see a city in the style how the ship is made :wink:

You want to apply with the reel on a job? lol i tought you have already one in the 3d business. well good luck and keep it up

BTW to all upcomers: LINK HAS CHANGED TO






a love your work very good !


Hello… i’ve been going in to this thread since yesterday and been trying to download. But it’s not working! :frowning:

Please fix this or tell me what im doing wrong.


Hey this is dope stuff you have man, did you really use Unreal Ed? I’m trying to get there and I will, but man keep up the good work


So here’s the URL… looks awesome!!! I love the textures! Great style as well



Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about, that’s a real demo, I likes alot man, and that was beatifully laid out, very nice overview, I see no reason why you should have a job or get the job you want, may be for future reference the only thing I would add more too is the gun sprites, make it more dramatic, there’s a few things to give it extra edge to it, but other than that, it’s fine, you got some pretty dope ish’, on to the major leagues buddy, I want and hope to get it like that, good job, bravo, keep up the good work