Low-Budget Graphics Cards for Substance Painter



I’ve recently bought Substance Painter - which is an amazing texturing tool and very good value compared to Mari which I’ve also tried and like as they’re both very similar to Photoshop in layering control, and has amazing preset materials, grunge tools etc…However my Graphics Card is really lurching with an 18k poly character model (divided into 4 sections / materials - head / top body / lower body / shoes) all sharing the same texture map.

It struggles to show the whole model at 2k and in sections at 4k really struggles: this is only after applying a few materials to everything - very initial stages of texturing …I am working with an Nvidia Quadro K2000 - with 2 gig memory on the card. Admittedly it’s old so that’s my problem.

Do any of you have some technical tips on buying the best graphics card for Substance Painter on a budget? Or at least for the time being how to optimize models in Substance Painter to avoid memory lags?

With my basic technical knowledge I’m guessing my main problem is the available memory on the Graphics Card which is also different Ram - 2 Gig ‘V-Ram’ is recommended minimum on the Substance website ?

Hope someone has some good advice / tips …





had the same problem in the beginning of last year with Painter and Quixel Suite.
Running an older card, performance was really struggling to keep up. So I bought a 970GTX at that point, and now all is running fine.
The older cards just have a hard time running applications like these.

If you want to be sure, just contact support, or ask in the Painter forum what card is the bare minimum atm…




Thanks - I eventually went for an NVidia Quadro P4000 recommended by Escape Technology.

But yep texturing apps are very heavy on the graphics card so is quite expensive.