Love Blender BUT Hate ALL the Short Cuts


I could never warm to Blender in the past. The 2.7x interface was too hard to grasp. However since the release of 2.8x I find it more appealing, especially after each time I use it. Love the modifiers and addons.

However one thing that really drives me nuts are the tutorials. I find them really difficult to follow as the instructors always uses short cuts. They are mentioned frequently instead of saying they are doing an edge loop or bevel or scale, they shout the short cut key. I use too much software to learn the shortcuts for Blender. My head is full of short cuts for Photoshop, Painter, 3D Coat, etc.

I would prefer to use my mouse. It works just fine in Hexagon 3D, Silo 3D, MOI3D. I fully understand it’s faster to move about. BUT I have NO intentions on learning shortcuts. Besides I’m too old in my mid 60s.

Any suggestions on a series of good tutorials for 2.8x without short cuts?

AND PLEASE do not post something to the effect “Bite the bullet and learn the shortcuts”. I’ll consider that a TROLL attempt.

Cheers and many thanks


Hi Kenmo,

I guess the habit to make Blender tutorials by using pure hotkeys will never die. And as sorry as i am, i know none. It remains a gamble to find a good tutorial.

You say you have experience in Hexagon, Moi and Silo. Lots of the knowledge is transferable. Polygonmodeling is polygonmodeling. So i would go the other route. Learn the tools in the tool shelf, one by one. This should give you the needed kickstart. And when you hang then you could post your questions here for example :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Two things got me really interested in Blender along with the new user interface in 2.8x.

  1. The 3DCoat applink addon for Blender
  2. quad remesh addon - I installed the demo and used it when 3D Coats auto retopo failed, took too long or gave me results I did not like.

The availability of so many addons appeals to me.

I recently read one of my favorite modelers Daniel Simon is now using Blender for his car & vehicle modeling moving away from Autodesk . I’m a car nut and modeling hard surfaces is I mostly do in Hex, Silo & MOI3D.

AND Blender with it’s cool booleans maybe the replacement for Groboto3D I’ve been searching for…


Found the solution, a fork of Blender aimed at artists and not programmers. BforArtist 2.0 based on Blender 2.83. One happy camper now.


Welcome aboard :slight_smile: