Louvre1622-by-night, Tchook (3D)


Title: Louvre1622-by-night
Name: Tchook
Country: France
Software: Arnold, Maya, Photoshop

This is another render of le louvre in 1622 but from a top view and with a weird early morning light
The historical background is as
fake as possible since i had no document showing
this area.
hope you enjoy it


superbe,please ,a hi-res ! we can’t see the lots of details ! !

yes! thanks for the hi res,very impressive details ,awesone work man ! !
chapo bas ,c’est tres bien realisée,le montage avec le fond est imperceptible !l’etalonnage aussi
c pour une animation ? …un film …le fun ??? :slight_smile:


Amazing work !
by the way, i appreciate the flying barrels.



yeahhh , hi rez pleaz !!


Isn’t it possible to subscribe to a user instead of a thread? You always post eyecandy, man! :thumbsup:

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i agree with gniii its great i was here when he did amazing like spiderman painting…
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here is a hd version of the image
hope that work:beer:


dude how long does it take you? i think it will take me several years to develop this.


seriously, great job. Love the details and lighting!


ur details are awosome man:thumbsup:
waow…how much time did it take…to creat such a saga:)


beau taff tchook,:thumbsup:
je savais pas que tu faisais de la 3d, en tous cas belle maitrise de la lumiere et de la compo.
Juste une ptite critique, le grain et le niveau de flou qui se détache entre le fond réel et la 3d.


This is incredible! Only one thing bothers me a little bit (wich is typical for CG architectural renderings): the lack of life. It looks beautiful, but it also looks kinda “dead” to me. I would expect some horses and people in a scene like this. But otherwise it’s absolutely stunning.


:argh: this is really an astonishing amount of work!! but it is worth the results! :thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock:


One of the best i hv seen so far…


unbelievably good work, fantastic job! :smiley:


HOLY COW…! :eek: :eek: :eek: [color=white]i can’t stop drewling seeing your pic!! :bounce: :bounce: damn! show us how it’s done, if u don’t mind! absolutely magnificent! though not photorealistic, but sure u’ve made something amaizing![/color]
good job, u deserve a very good deal! :deal:

SALUT! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


good lighting bob!! which is an image and which is modelled? but this is awesome


thx everyone
m@lonet------> c est juste pour le fun pour mon vrai travail je fait ca www.tchook.fr.st

HapZungLam-----> its 1 or 2 days of work for this one since i already have the modeling and texturing a lot of building you can check info on this thread http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=170115

DAREONER---->Merci, ton site est tres tres bien (sp6 / zazie:thumbsup: ) le grain c est nimporte
quoi c est juste une couche d accroche pour les highlights, pour le flou…hmmmm je suis pas
convaincu mais vu que jai pas utilise de Z t as surement raison. Pour la 3 d j ai commence il y a
un an.

XTRA---->You are totally right this picture looks dead to me too, i try to fight the dead impression but since i draw character like 4 year old kid…it s quite a problem .

You can see the elemts i ve used in the attached file


:thumbsup: ,:eek: ,:bounce: ,:buttrock: , :applause:, etc…