Louvre 1622, Tchook (3D)


Title: Louvre 1622
Name: Tchook
Country: France
Software: Arnold, Maya, Photoshop

Hi guys long time no see
this is le louvre in 1622 based on T.G.H hoffbauer’s work and some painting in le “musee carnavalet” (jean baptiste Raguenet, Reinier Nooms etc…)
I began with basic shapes (cubes/ cylinder) to find a good framing, then came a lot of extrude work, then uvs.
the final work is done with photoshop

hope you enjoy it


I like it alot! Really nice texturing and beutiful colors.

No bad crits from me.


Breathtaking details from the left ot the right! :thumbsup:

May you post a wire?

Cheers, Daniel


Amazing details!! :thumbsup:


great work:thumbsup:
we need some wires man:)


thx for the nice comments
here is some wire


Great work! Your texturing quality and detail modeling really makes this a great piece


wow great image. If there was a larger resolution, It would totally be my desktop background…hint hint



that is some extraordinary detail, texture and lighting. Great work. :slight_smile:


how long did it take you to make this? great details.


Very nice work!!! :applause:


Superbe!.. I love it, and the historic reconstitution is in my opinion , one of the best use of 3d techniques!.. bravo!!!


This is really great! It looks like a painting!


Beautiful work. :thumbsup:

Must have took a long time to create.

I like your idea of using simple shapes to find a good compositiion.


Amzing details!


Sacred blue! I it adore! :slight_smile:

I second the demand for a desktop backdrop version.


Really great work :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


I’m astonished!! great work. especially for details.


Amazing work :thumbsup:


thx everyone
it take me like 2 or 3 weeks do do it …its quite a long time but i m still learning maya so

i will put a hd version of it on my website in a day or 2

for those who like it here are some detail from a 3k version.