Louis, Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho (2D)


Title: Louis
Name: Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

I always looked for a good reason to do a caricature of Louis Armstrong. An online contest really encourage me to run into this. I love almost all Louis Armstrong songs and, like a infinite number of artists around the world, I like to listen his music while I work, to inspire and mood up myself. His sympathetic voice and sweet way of sing seems to harmonize our ideas and lead us to nice accomplishments.

Enjoying the process of painting this caricature, I lost for a few hours the contest delivery date because of timezone issues (lol). I really would like to delivery this piece in time, to me was a great pity… but after a good sleep night, I realized I didn´t have to be upset with this stupid mistake. I was really liking to do the painting, to run into some details… and I really liked the distortion and the composition. I was really optimistic, I should make use of this feeling, even a little disappointed now.

Technically I’ve created some brushes to paint the skin texture, hair and the little scratches that compound the slightly worn metal look.

This is the result of almost five days of work.

Here are some detail images to see more closely part of the work.

I hope you all enjoy.


Damn! :eek: … This is super awesome! amazing rendering and cool design with your funny concept! Congrats my friend, this is really my fav! and 5 stars! :applause:


I love the attention to the detail (especially the skin texture)! Great work!


Aaaaaa it huuurtssss :smiley: Very well done!


Great work, love Louis Armstrong .


Thank you Vic! You really are my hero :smiley:
Your message is very important to me! Thank you my friend! :bounce:


Thank you Stefan, Oleg and Alon for so nice messages! this really mood me up! :bounce:
cheers! :smiley:


Wow, man! That’s really cool:)


Amazing! all the wrinkles and pores in the skin and such a brilliant composition. Great Painting :applause:


Totally in love with this piece. Really, really great. and inspiring! Thanks for sharing it!


Insane stylisation - i love it!


Absolutely fantastic, I love it! It took me a moment to figure out what was actually going on in the image, and I really love work like that. Very unique idea and a lovely painting style.



Absolutely amazing! Comgratulations!


Amazing work my friend !!! I love the concept and the details are awesome ! :eek:
Congrats !:applause:


Wow man, so many artists that I admire and lead my choices in my career… I spoken with almost all of them this morning. I dare say that this is the meaning of happiness for an artist. :cry:

Thank you so much brother Raphael, Rafael de Latorre, Victorior, Felideus, Denis Zilber, Joerg Warda, Yoann LORI, Tiago Hoisel, Pedro Conti, Lucas Leibholz, Gustavo Groppo, Andrew Hickinbottom, Jaume Cullell and so many others who passed here this morning. :applause:

Thank you Leigh van der Byl for plug my caricature on frontpage. I already took thousands of print screens :smiley:



Congratulations for such masterpiece!!

In my opinion this is one of the most deserved frontpages ever. :applause:


thank you Félix! :smiley:


somehow, somehow, despite bisecting and twisting and pulverising the head like a balloon, you still managed to get a great Louis Armstrong portrait, it must be in those pop out bloodshot eyes,


wow!!! This is one of the best caricatures that I ever seen. Absolutely unique! Congratulations!


Hi Tiago!

Receive this comment from you is absolutely amazing! You are one of my fav artists, I never would imagine that one day you would be here commenting some work that I did… this is at least surreal!!! Thank you very much for your kind words! :bowdown:


Hey Moz!

Your reply is almost like poetry! Thank you for so nice message! :scream: