Lots of crashes... more than I ever had with LW


What video card does Messiah like best? I am getting a lot of crashes to the desktop. I have an NVIDA Geforce Ti 4200. Also, I have windows media player 9 running at the same time.

Will I get better results with an ATI card?

Very frustrated. I hate to say this but it reminds me of my days using Animation Master.


Can you give a little more information? Like which messiah you have (and which version), what crashes you’re getting, what you’re doing at the time, what card driver, what resolution, etc? It’s hard to figure anything out from what you’ve written, and it certainly sounds unusual to be having that many crashes. You’d certainly be seeing a LOT more posts about it if the software was that unstable.

As for cards, GeForce cards are recommended. I have a Ti-4600 in this system and it works great.




Thanks for the reply. My last post was a frustrated one. The reason I even mentioned Animation Master is the crashes are errattic. It’s hard to put a finger on what is causing it. But my experience with graphics programming is to blame the video card for unusual crashes.

I have M:A 5.0. I wish I could give you a specific situation but I cannot. I will try to find a pattern and report it back here.



I feel your pain on the crashing issue. I’m setting up my first rig in Messiah, started about 4 hours ago, and I’ve had 4 crashes. Dont think they’re card-related though. Crashed when I tried to split a bone, reloaded and it split fine. Crashed when I tried mirroring a hierarchy of bones, reloaded and it mirrored fine. Cant remember what caused the others.


I had a problem with WMP 9 months ago. I solved it by disabling the WMP special effects. Those funky patterns that play along with the music. Somehow they were causing a conflict with my 3D apps., so I turned them off and all is working again. :slight_smile:


Strange. The same types of problems were happening to me a few weeks back. Then, somehow, after using messiah for just a few days, I’ve not had a crash since. It would crash on the most menial tasks. Like adding a null… who knows. But it isn’t happening now. Someone told me if you add too many objects to fast, such as clicking the add bone button too fast, that’s a sure bet for crashing.


I encountered crashes when loading a scene (replacing the old one) in 99% of all cases. And Messiah also doesn’t like it if you cancel a rendering and then close the render window before “Total Render Time…” is displayed in the status bar, i.e. before the rendering has actually finished aborting.


I can confirm when clearing a scene, and loading another, messiah will crash most certainly in a few minutes. I’ve made the habit of closing messiah, then relaunching to prevent these crashes, and it has worked so far. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for messiah to relaunch. I’m on Dual AMD 1.4 Ghz with 1.5 RAM and Quadro 2, so I don’t think it’s my hardware.

I’ve never had a problem with crashing when using “Stop All Rendering”, or just closing the preview window. I never render in the viewport. It caused problems for me way back in December on verion 1.5. I always use the window preview (unless I’m using limited region).


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