Lost smoke monster


New to dynamics and wondering how to make a smoke monster, does anyone have a tou. that could help me out? :bounce:


No Tutorial, but two methods I would try. Fluids being the first. This will give you the most definition but probably the difficult to do as well. You could do it with particles to but the overall look would be best with Fluids. You could create geometry and bind it with a skeleton. Then make the geometry emit fluids.

Another method would be to use paint FX. You could bind a curve instead of geometry and have the curve be a paint FX brush or animate the brush completely. Here is a real quick example I just threw together (its not pretty, just to show the potential) of the jetTrail brush.



I would definitely like to see what you came up with.

the link no longer works though.
could you reupload it


Sorry about that. I goofed up the link.


I fixed them both.


thats a pretty sweet effect


yeah, and its pretty easy to set up. Again, it is not going to be as versatile or robust as using fluids, but you can do some cool stuff.


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