Lost paradise


The title says it all. Done in ArtRage, hope you like it.


artrage hunh…real nice texture dude looks very traditional …too bad its vertical , I think people should try harder to paint at the size that’s asked for but, this is nice. Only thing I dont like is that the concept is not very impactfull of yerkalike. to straightforward thinking.


Beautiful image, looks like oils… and in ArtRage too. Impressive. I don’t think the style is similar to Jacek’s but it’s a great painting in its own right.


I agree, another great entry into the completion. I don’t know though, it may be less active than Mr. Yerka, but the implied atmosphere is very similar. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Magritte.


well… i think everyone is following a certain road in evolution. may be influenced by many artists. the message is the same though…and it all depends on how one gets it. therefore judgements on style or ideea are not really relevant."real"world is actually a veil between us (the mind) and the essence of ourselves (the conscience of unity and love.


I agree with Simon about it looking like an oil. Very nice painting.


I mostly agree with you, except sometimes that veil keeps us too focused on what is directly in front of us. I wouldn’t take anything to personally everyone thinks you did a good job.


thank you …i really appreciate the feedback and of course i don’t take it personally. i was just trying to explain my vision on creation…generally and in this case as well.i enjoy very much debating on this “spiritual” subjects.
thank you again guys for giving me the opportunity for such valuable conversation. :bounce:


…about the oil like texture… i am actually an oil on canvas painter …just learned to use the computer 4 years ago. i work in 3d max, art rage and photoshop. my classical formation shows because i try to mimic the oil effect on the computer. Artrage is the closest to reality software and allows me to do that. :thumbsup:


This is nicely painted. I agree, coming from a traditional background also, that ArtRage does a very good job of approximating real oil brushwork.

That apple sure got a legendary bad rap down through story telling history.

The file has to be 2560px(wide) x 1600px. The format of the image does not have to comply, width wise. My upcoming entry will be a bit narrower, with black side strips too.


hardly wait to see it.


Cool, I come from a more tactile background myself.


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