Lost on Digital 3D World


Just a dialog between 2d and 3d design, the discussion about use 2d, 3d, or both together…in visual elements.


I uploaded this now, in Brazi are 9:41 PM, 19 June…I don’n know abut fuse in the rules…
but if it isn’t in competition, well…i hope you enjoy it…thanks!


Hi “chará”. Welcome to the contest, and good luck. :beer:

Cá entre nós, curtí mais os jobs do designer da Voix… rssss


I like the email text concept, maybe if you made some letters there 3d also will look good as well. goodluck!


Hey guys, thanks for the coments.

Pedro, i’m trying to get the level of a Voix designer but it’s hard!hahaah
Valeu xará!Abraço!
E vê se coloca uns jobs no portfolio!


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