Lost in thought

  • I started drawing when I was six, I kept drawing what I wanted, I never liked reading books related to art when I was younger, I only had two books, which were essential for me, which was one of Walt Disney and one about perspective , of those who sell in newsstands. I always improved my artistic side, first of all, since I always did it as a hobby, I never thought I would try something as an artist one day … about fifteen years old, I do not remember why, but I stopped drawing, I finished college, I went to an engineering college, after law, then architecture, I could not fit into any of those courses! I left everyone, I always denied this impulse that was growing inside me that was to draw, my family told me that it did not give money, so I left it aside, because I needed to think of something solid at the time. During my childhood, putting something on paper helped me through a few phases, even though I did not understand what it was that I was drawing. I always lived denying this gift, I always drew in the classroom while the teacher was teaching, my friends said that I was good, but I never believed it, I think that because I have people from my family who have tried the artistic career and failed, I kind of thought it would happen to me. I had a five-year cocaine addiction that lasted from nineteen to twenty-four years. Exactly in July last year, I managed to get rid of the addiction by doing drawings thinking about bad things that happened to me and trying to get rid of these feelings, these bad things were me losing my friendship, hurting my family emotionally and also almost dying of overdose , I left this life behind putting her in the papers and screens, I had never painted before, I started in August of last year and I got better, I started to run, I adopted a dog from a friend and I got rid of all this life of drugs and everything bad. Came here to speak in this forum because I need to open with someone, I’ve always been kind of anti social, now I want to become someone who can do something for others, I want to change !. I need honest feedback, what do you think of my drawings / paintings, do an arts college, do you think I have a future in the artistic world?
    Thank you who had the patience to read up here and have a great week.
  • My english sucks…