Lost in Space | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




The astronomy nerd in me has to pick at the planetary vfx at the 1:45 mark.

Nothing in the sky (that is outside of the atmosphere) will be darker than the ambient sky color. The ambient sky IS the black of space after atmospheric influence (rayleigh scattering, etc.)

Look at the moon when it’s up during the day, the unlit part of the moon is the same as the rest of the sky.


You are correct, but this isn’t because of Rayleigh Scattering, which has been falsified regarding the atmosphere and rewritten in modern times to keep up with charge physics. Rayleigh Scattering has nothing to do with the brightness of the sky, the blueness, or anything else in atmospherics. It’s a failed model.


I havent seen the trailer yet (im about to see it though) but if people would lit things in sci-fi movies realistically (how light behaves on non-atmospheric planets and in space itself) then it would look ‘fake’ to many people and people would actually say the CGI looks bad… this has happened many times already.


After seeing the actual trailer… I don’t think it matters much if it was done realistically or not… (in terms of general audience experience/opinion).
I’ve seen bigger mistakes :smiley:

At least it got me to check out the trailer :slight_smile: