Lost Day, Zhang Yixin (2D)


Title: Lost Day
Name: Zhang Yixin
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

After reading Lord of the Rings,I had this idea
I use the comparison extreme the perspective,Comes the prominent picture the visual impulse,Again uses the light and the color prominent space feeling。

Manufacture process use quite typical method,Completes this mattepainting。

Stands in the destiny edge,Despairs with hoped coexists。


mines of Moria?? nice work:)
i love lotr too!!


fantastic piece…:thumbsup:. love the drama.


Hi Zhang. What really impresses me about this piece is your texture work. That combined with the seperated cold and warm lighting really portrays the depth and intensity of the chasm. I’m curious, did you use a lot of photo textures? Did you paint a lot of the textures? Any way you could describe your prcoess a bit would be great.

Fantastic work, post more!


Very nice work! However I’m boggled with the rating you got. 3 stars? I guess you need naked female elves or something. Those seem to get instant 4-5 stars. Kidding…you get 4 stars from me. Great work!


You are right!I in drawing process,Has joined the massive pictures source material,Realizes the texture effect!

Just like you said,Carries on more portrays to the role,Definitely can increase the picture the tensity ,But I do not excel at the role the drawing,Has caused this picture flaw !


whatevery,That is nice concept work!


nice work!!


Great work mate :thumbsup: This is so “LOTR” !


i really like it !!
great piece man…beutifully done!.. :bounce:


I can feel the heat from the lava, very dynamic angle too, congratulations!


Thanks everybody!!:slight_smile:
Hoped this picture the color cannot let you think dazzlingly!


Very good, congratulations!!


Beautiful work!


Excellant! 5 stars from me. Makes me want to do art again (been too busy):slight_smile:


For me,Even if I am very busy,Also wants to persist paint.:slight_smile:


hi guy

your work really nice!:thumbsup:


Hmm hmm.
Found this when the idea ‘doesn’t CG have anything good nowadays?’ came to my mind.
Grand picture.


Truly impressive use of color… and the texture on the rock gives such rich detail!
Very inspiring work! :thumbsup:


This is briliant stuff my friend! i realy got the feeling that i need to hold my desk and monitor…couse it almost felt down there… :slight_smile:

Good job! I cant find anything to give critism!