Los Angeles is a crazy place:(


Am I the only one reading the story and thinking ;“oh Booohooo!”

Big deal,you’re gonna get disillusionned by most big cities then.


that sux man. I didnt realize LA sucked so much. I have familly there but only because of the movie industry. Going to visit soon. I hope its not as bad as what you all say. I guess if you steer clear of L.A. and hit the other parts of cali it could be cool.


Come on, LA ain’t so bad. For me, I judge cities by the hotness of the women, and women in LA are VERY hot. Burbank and LA have some of the hottest women in the world. :eek:

The first month I worked in LA, I thought it was a crap city because it looked like crap and I hated it. But after a month I loved it because I realized it’s not the look that makes it so cool. It’s the mentality. People are just so friendly and laid back there. Stuck in traffic? Who cares? Just put the top down, pump some Snoop Dogg and relax. Looking for a fun time, just go down to Sunset Blvd any night of the week, you will have a blast. On Sunset, people are all there for the same reason, to have fun. So you all have something in common and it’s so easy to go up and talk to anyone. I mean, sure people are fake, but I like “fake friendly” than not friendly at all.

I’ve never had any problems in LA. I think it was for the following reasons: I drove everywhere, I never walked. I only drove to nice places, mostly west LA, (west Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice). Yes, the convention center is in a shady area, but it’s no big deal. Just park your car in the parking lot.

I lived in NYC for several years. That place makes you hard and you have to have your gaurd up all the time. I got scammed, pick pocketted. I knew friends who were mugged at knife point. NYC ain’t friendly. It’s a gritty place to work and live. I also lived in Boston and now the Bay area. Boston is a great, beautiful city. College town!! Average age of 25. If 3D was big in Boston, I would definitely live there. The Bay area is ok. I don’t really like it that much. Traffic sucks, weather sucks. People try to be more “cool” than friendly. Looking forward to leaving!



jeah thats right. but where ever i go noone carries them with themselves. mostly the guns are in their houses, because of burglars in the past.
well i mean i can almost everywhere stare at someone, i can go out in the night and finding friends is here easy too.

but i dont say switzerland is the savest place on earth. only because there is not that often crime it means not that its save on the streets whereever you go.



of course you haven’t dude, you’re jef lew! :stuck_out_tongue:


That original post story’s not much.

When I was in Amsterdam I was sitting in the square near the train station (as were a bunch of people). Some guy lounging near me said: “Hey you want to f#$%? You want to?” I said no thanks. He replies, “This is my wife. F%$# her. I want you to F$%# her.”

I said no thanks. He says, “what you think she’s ugly? You F’ing won’t F my wife? You think she’s ugly. I’m gonna f’ing kill you.” He starts getting really amped up. Then I spotted an acquaintance of mine who hussled the tourists and whatnot for one of the live sex shows (among other jobs). He always made fun of me because I didn’t partake ()in drugs…), but I still hung out wherever. Anyway, he walks by, sees me talking to this guy trying to calm him down and says: “Don’t F with him, dirt, or you won’t be living here anymore. He’s my friend. No drugs. Get the f away.”

So the guy and his “wife” take off.

My “friend” smiles and walks off saying “see ya around.”

Ah, the days of my youth… So LA isn’t all that special.


Same here - I lived in the LA area for 8 years, went to school in Pasadena, worked in Hollywood, lived several places. There are some seedy sides, some really cool great areas, and a lot to see and explore for all who visit. A lot of people rich enough to live anywhere in the world choose to live in the LA area because they like it; I hear the most complaints from people trying to live for almost no money who only see the worst areas.

The actual area of Downtown LA (where SIGGRAPH is), I only visited every two years for SIGGRAPH. Most of the CG companies are nowhere near there, they are mostly within a mile or so of the coast, and most CG people live on the coast, so there’s very little reason to head inland where it gets hotter and the traffic moves slowly. Some parts of downtown LA are seedy, but Downtown LA mostly it is just boring with a lot of financial buildings and things that all close at night - there’s cool nightlife in other areas.

“The LA area” is really many cities and towns all run together. The communities vary in terms of how many vagrants/bums/strange people they have if that’s what you’re afraid of, some areas like Santa Monica have outreach programs that attract vagrants from all over the country, other areas like Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach have none (if you want to go to a beach with only beautiful people you should head to Hermosa Beach…)

There’s always some risk of crime everywhere you go, but you don’t want to overstate things to the point that people are afraid to visit. I didn’t see much crime in my 8 years there. You always want to follow common-sense precautions like locking your door when you leave, and not giving rides to whole gangs of strangers, but otherwise it’s a fun area to explore and has a lot of nice livable communities that I’d be happy to move to.



My thoughts exactly!

This is coming up from someone who grew up on a farm with cows and horses.

As long as you have a little street smarts you will be just fine. Don’t be a retard, this is not small town america. Treat LA like going to a foreign country, be on your guard and don’t be dumb.

I personally love LA. I won’t live here forever but I will definatly buy a condo or house here in the next couple years. Not everyone here is snooty or crazy, you just have to find the right bars and clubs to goto with your type of people. There are 9 million people here from all over the world and atleast 20 user group meetings related to cgi every month. There is even a little Ethiopia here. If you take the time to look, you will find it.


Ethiopia or Utopia?


I know the feeling of moving out to LA as well. I got here in Jan from Colorado and have to admit I wasn’t ready for it. Things do get better though. Remember there are good people here in LA as well. I thought it would be tough after witnesing some of the driving in LA (a whole other subject) but a lot of the people I talk to out here are pretty nice. True there are some waccos, (I got yelled at once for not saying “hi” to someone loud enough) but they are in every city so just keep your common sence up and you’ll be fine



Ethiopia. It’s near the farmers market/grove around Fairfax and Wilshire.


Hey! Houston is a nice place to live. In recent polls, Houston came in 2nd for friendliest city in America. I believe Nashville came in 1st.

Housing is also cheap. Houses which would cost $400,000 in LA go for around $100,000 around here.

P.S. We’re also only an hour away from the Gulf Coast beaches.


Well I known Sao Paulo and cant imagine a place more insane than that , its a huge city and off course It has nice places , but there is ppl surfing in trains , ppl been robed in the traffic , police shooting inocent ppl , I think thats huge cities problems . Ppl are very stressed , another day I was distracted on the traffic in the red signal , so it became green I waited less than a second and ppl started to horn a guy passed by my side and called me mother @#!@# .


Didn’t Houston also come in as the fattest? (Second to Detroit, of course.) :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Miami came in as having the worst drivers. While going to high school downtown bums would ask you for money all the time. They don’t usually mess with kids, so as long as you ignore em, you’re good.


i think the biggest culture shock for europeans coming to america and specifically california, la & sf in particular is that america is a third world country. the closest i can think to this in europe is the outer really really bad suburbs of naples.

but once you get used to that, the lack of amenities, the mess, the segregation, the inverse rule of street crowdedness to safety at day and especially at night (for europe it’s the other way around), the terrible (for want of a better word) “food”, the incredibly high crime rates and the specific types of crimes, the smog, air and noise polution, the ineffectiveness and corruption of government and enforcement agencies, the lack of consumer protection, the missing politeness and civility of many of it’s citizens, the lsd casualties, the aggressive vagrant population who openly urinate onto the streets (not for nothing did a recent survey of hoteliers in san francisco describe sf as an open air toilet, turning off the tourist population), the obscene living costs, rent prices and housing prices that far outstrip average income, the drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, ganstas and hot dog salesmen… it’s not too bad, and the weather’s pretty great… unless you’re right on the coast anywhere above LA where you get a lot of fog, but there’s no helping some people.


Wow. You guys really dont like California.

Thing is, no matter where you go, big cities usually = mess. Even EU cities like London, Paris, etc. When I first got the chance to visit those cities, I thought, “man this place is messy.” I guess Im just used to where I live, where its pretty clean.

I went to Atlanta recently, and was riding the marta, and some dude got on and was muttering, “Hey you-you’re gonna get what you deserve. That’s right. End of the world for you.” Some other guy told him to shut up, and he did.

He was sitting right behind me. Freaked me out (and a lot of other people).

From what I’ve heard, the east bay (oakland area) is pretty nice. No??


Not really. Baltimore isn’t the big and its the 3rd most dangerous city in the United States. (According to local news here in MD). I always here about shootings and stabbings and other crap. As long as you dont go out there at night, you’re safe. I went out to Fells Point in Baltimore once alone at night. Boy was it scary… So many bars and teenage punks…


ummm… oakland is the big ghetto, the hills have some nice areas, but unfortunately everywhere you go from there involves oakland ghetto itself. i think someone has been telling you porky pies. the north bay, and marin is the nicer area.

as for messyness, i’ll agree european cities don’t use the blocks system (thank god). and london could certainly do with a few more street cleaners, but not once have i ever felt unsafe walking at day or night through any neigbourhood in london (or for that matter anywhere in europe apart from aforesaid areas of naples) in all the time i lived and worked there. the so called “universal rules” that people are saying about cities in this thread really only relate to american cities. not all cities, or places in the world are the same (apart from in america :smiley: )


Trust me, you have no idea what a third world country really is.

Incidentally if any CGTalkers plan on visiting NYC I will do you all a favor and mug you myself. :smiley:

-mental :surprised