Los Angeles is a crazy place:(


I moved to LA about a year and a half ago from Florida, and I’m still going through serious
culture shock. And I’ve lived in alot of places. Several years back, I did a stint in a third world country, and
LA sometimes feels like it. Unless you make crazy money, a normal life
in LA can sometimes be far and between the average standard of living anywhere else. Meaning,
you can buy an old townhome for 400+ thousand. Thats just stupid.

I had a bad experience last night. I took a walk (Burbank, which is a good neighborhood)
to get my normal ice cream fix from the 7 Eleven down the street, when this bum starts
pushing this guy in front of me. He was totally off his meds. The bum left him alone, although
he started to walk right beside me. So, I untrusting, attempted to ignore the loser. Although he started curse like a dirty sailor, saying he was going to kill me and take my shoes. I’m thinking to myself, I’ve lived everywhere, and I have never experienced this.
I’m totally minding my own business, and I’m a block and a half away from the police station.
I figure, should I run like a wimp, or just keep ignoring the lunatic. So I figure, this is the
United States of America, I shouldn’t be afraid to walk down the street. But I was afraid
a bit. He did start to try to push me, and at that, I quickly exited into a store. I hate
Los Angeles. Except for all the animation work here, I would be gone in a heartbeat. Back in the day, 50s-70s, it probably was the bomb here. But know it is a crime infested, population pulluted place.

Sorry for ranting, but the previous post set me off. Some guy posted that he was ripped off in Cali.


That’s me. Yeah I came from Colorado, So it’s kind of a culture shock. I moved from Hong Kong when I was 8. I traveled to Curacao for my relatives. But the feel of LA is quite different.

Speak of which, money is quite a big issue here. I worked for Toys R Us, before I left my pay was $6.98. That’s right, $.02 short of a full dollar. Thanks. But I guess that motivates me to work on my stuff more and try to get a better job.

So yeah. We’re all in this together now. You have support here at least, as I’ve been confirmed.

ps. My mechanic job currently pays me cool $5.00 an hour for me from fix to reassemble cars for nine hour shifts. I’m a beginner so, I look at the cut as paying them to teach me new things.


You’re getting screwed buddy.


Yeah, they’re not doing you any favors



That bum was once somebody’s baby.


hey that must have been a weird and scary situation! i too live near burbank. i live right near pasadena next to highland park. and highland park is definately a rough neighborhood thats for sure. im from another state… more like a island as a fact. but southern california sure is different! anyway, i have been taking up a martial art called wing chun. its the same kungfu fighting art that bruce lee built his upon. it is absolutely deadly. it is famous for being one of the most hands down deadly street fighting art. this has been only my first month, but the next several months will be so awesome… i believe that the skills i will learn will definately protect myself from a opponent. the first month is very confusing and doesnt seem usefull in a street fight though but the foundations are always key to anything.
dude, if you know how to fight, you wouldnt be afraid but actually more aware of ur opponent and surroundings. unless ur opponent has a gun or has AIDS. now thats definately scarey shit.
if you have the time, try to look up a martial art or boxing. it will give you a healthy lifestyle, confidence, and even some nice friends perhaps.
or you could carry a taser gun. i do believe those are legal. i think that in some states they are illegal tough. but those taser guns are safe and they will bring down a 300 pound man to a halt. lol. or pepper spray is another great self protection weapon. i have personally been pepper sprayed by my friends. and that stuff f@cks you up good! lol. it leaves the bad guy coughing, crying, and vomiting in minutes flat! really great stuff. and it is legal too. and it is so small… great to carry with you.


Kind of scary to think that such a twat was once a cute little ball of pink flesh…


I know about the minimum wage law. I agreed to this rate because I’m only working part-time. and also it’s like an internship. This job is just some income while I do the job hunt. The pay is only temp until I can start working on a car alone, then they’ll pay me regular wage.

I enjoy working on cars, it’s one of my hobbies. They teach me new things that I don’t know. Just the other day, I learn how to take apart a transmission, clutch, and flywheel from an Evolution VIII. I use the time that I don’t work to find a job that I can get to help me start my (hopefully) career.

They are flexible with me too. It’s not like my previous job where I’m locked down with cooporate rules. They understand that I have school, and also that this is not my full time job.


Im planning to move to LA in 3 weeks :slight_smile:


The great places are in San Diego. Granted, less jobs, but there are a good bit of game studios here, and no bums.

Sigh, I think I’ll wind up in LA too. But I like the bums. If they ask me for money, I ask what they’re gonna do to earn it. Fair is fair. I could always go down to the pier in Santa Monica and at least be entertained for only a dollar. I’m not just going to give it away for nothing.




bums in downtown LA do some funny things!


:smiley: brilliant, :smiley:


My wife had a business conference in LA last week.
Some dude knocked her over on the sidewalk, looked at her, and kept going. No ‘Im sorry’ or ‘Let me help you up’ from him or anyone else…and she’s 6 months pregnant.
The next day her purse was stolen.
Yeah, LA is such a happy place.
You couldn’t pay me enough to go there.


hey fellas,

sad to hear that about LA. Im living in switzerland and was only once for some weeks in LA. But i didnt feel the things you described. And i wasnt only at the common tourists spots. Think ill move once to the USA when im older, perhaps LA. Here in switzerland the crime isnt that high and most swiss go out on a walk in the evenings/nights with a save feeling. I guess i couldnt live in LA when i not even could go out on a walk, and not be scared of crime.



I’m starting to feel relieved that I ended up not going to Siggraph this year. . .


Ah but Ingurum you forget - Switzerland has the highest per capita gun ownership of any country in the world. Nobody is going to mess with the Swiss because there’s a good chance the person you’re messing with is a gun owner and knows how to use it.

(gun owner)


I just moved here (Long Beach) a little over a month ago. And I agree there could be a bit of culture shock for some. There are certainly lots of strange people. But strange isn’t always bad. My experience so far is that, besides those who work for the government, people here are genuiningly nicer than anywhere else I’ve lived.

Bad things can happen to you anywhere. Once, years ago when I was in Vilnius, Lithuania, a gang of youth attacked me simply because I look Jewish.


im originally from the northeast (NYC area) and now living in colorado. ive been to LA three times now and have driven all up and down california twice.

and the only way to get me back there is for siggraph. california in general used to be a nice place, but something happened along the way. now its a depressing joke kind of like texas.

NYC is no disneyland, but its a hell of a lot cleaner and friendlier.


In France, this is straight. There are areas (and areas function the hour of the night) were you can get easly into trubbles. Otherwise there are not such as dumn guys walking in the street. And nobody has a weapon.



I can’t believe I’m going to defend LA. Look, I’m not sure what you guys are doing, but I moved here from NY and have lived in LA for the last 9 years. LA is not that bad. There are a few basic rules, which are kind of common sense, to follow and you’ll be fine.

  1. Don't go to a bad area of town at night by yourself.
  2. Don't stare at people.  Making eye contact is a universal sign that invites contact.
  3. Don't let starngers in your car or apartment.  Especially if they out number you.  One is bad enough, but you are plain stupid if you let 2 or more strangers in.
  4. Don't give money to people.  If someone asks you for change, a polite "no, sorry" without eye contact will work.  Keep walking.  Most of these beggars are not using your cash for food.  There are plenty of social programs to help these people.  It's not your job and most are way beyond your help.  Let the experts do their jobs, usually you are making things worse, not better.  If you feel guilty make a donation of time or money to local shelters and food programs.

     I've worked in some not so great areas and trust me I look like a much easy target than most people.  Yet I have not had any major problems.
     Almost any city you go to is going to have problem areas.  Just learn where they are and be smart about it.  You'll be fine.  LA is not that scary.  It's got issues, but no worse than any place else.  
     As for the living expenses, it's much cheaper than a lot of major cities.  NY and SF and much more expensive.  For $1200 and up you can get a 2 bedroom place with parking in an okay area.  You just have to look.  Yes, buying a place is very expensive, but that's what happens when you have high demand and low supply.  You can still get food and a night out for not much money.  Parking is very cheap here.  
     You can meet people here.  I moved out here only knowing 1 person and some family I was not very close to.  I'm not the most social of people, but I managed to find a great group of friends without going to bars.  There are tons of free social events going on here and plenty of internet groups that meet out here.  Just keep trying and give it sometime.  
      I hope this sheds some light on things for some people.  Good luck to all who moved out here or are thinking about it.