Los Angeles Drawing Group


For anyone interested in joining a Los Angeles area drawing group, I am organizing an informal, come as you are drawing group at the LA Zoo for:

[b]Sunday, July 1, 11 AM at the Los Angeles Zoo, meet at the MAIN ENTRANCE:[/b]

Here is the information on the LA Zoo:

       [/b]Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Zoo is open every day of the year except December 25. Please note that the Zoo starts putting animals in for the night at 4 p.m. Ticket sales cease one hour prior to closing time. 
       [left][b]ZOO        ADDRESS
       [/b]The          Los Angeles Zoo is located at [b]5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA        90027[/b]. The Zoo's phone number is [b]323/644-4200[/b]. [[b]Click here for Driving Directions [/b]](http://www.lazoo.org/zooinfo2.html)
                         [b]ANIMALS AT THE ZOO[/b][[b]
         Click here for a list of animals in the Zoo's collection[/b]](http://www.lazoo.org/zoo-animals.html)

                            [b]GENERAL                  ADMISSION PRICES
             [/b]Adults              (ages 13 - up)

                              Seniors              (age 62 and up)

                              Children              (ages 2 to 12)

                              Children              (under 2) 


                       [left][b]GROUP          DISCOUNTS
 [/b]If you'll be attending the Zoo with a party of 15 or more people, you          can purchase group-rate tickets at the following amounts:
       [left]Adults:          $7 per person ($3 off regular admission)
         Children (ages 2-12): $4 ($1 off regular admission)
       [left]Group-rate          tickets can be purchased in any combination totaling 15 or more tickets.          You may purchase tickets at the gate on the day of your visit, or if you          would like to receive them prior to your visit, [[b]click            here to purchase group discount tickets online.[/b]](https://www.lazoo.org/membershipgroupform.html)

Post here if you are interested, or feel free to email me at rebeccak4@gmail.com
Hope some people can make it out. :slight_smile:


I’m interested. I just went today actually. It’s not soooo big like the San Diego one, and has enough animals to keep ya busy for a day.

It can get hot though as it’s in the valley.



Very cool, and thanks for the heads up - I’ve put up some announcements around CA as well, so hopefully we’ll get a decent turnout.

The plan generally is to wait til around 11:30 for folks to arrive, I’m happy to wait while others wander about to sketch. If anyone is up for food / drinks afterward, that’s fine too, though I’m not sure what’s around that area - I’ll look into it.


Just a reminder - I’ve heard back from several people that they’re coming, anyone is welcome to show up - I’ll be at the LA Zoo entrance from about 11:00 - 11:30 am - people are free to stick together, head off in their own directions, or whatever. I’m headed to Marina del Rey to catch Ratatouille at 7:40 pm afterwards, anyone is welcome to come see that as well:

AMC Loews Marina 6 - Ratatouille at 7:40 pm
13455 Maxella Ave., Store 270,
Marina Del Rey, CA - 90292
7:40 pm showing

Cheers :slight_smile:


I’m coming.

No, I won’t have an iPhone to show off.


You can always hook a sistah up. :wink:


Wish I could go, but I’m all the way over here in Columbus, Ohio. Someday though, someday…maybe in a year or two.

I DO plan on going to the San Diego zoo though, since I’ll be in San Diego for Siggraph, does anyone else think they might be able to go before or after Siggraph?


Heya Zephyrpower, hope you can make it to the SD zoo when you go to SIGGRAPH, I haven’t been to that zoo in years, but from what I remember, it’s very very cool. :slight_smile: Feel free to organize a meetup, maybe make a separate thread. I may or may not be going this year, and if so, it’s likely only for a day or so. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Hey Rebecca, thanks for organizing this, it was a great day! We all burned under a merciless sun and drew… although it was a very, very radioactive day, it was an excellent event. I hope there will be many more!

Not sure which thread you’d prefer to have as the main one for this, but since this had the most replies, I figured I’d post some of my sketches from the day here… these are roughly in chronological order:

  1. Alligator:

  1. Black Necked Swan:

  1. Flamingos:

  1. Otter:

  1. Sea Lion:

  1. Komodo Dragon:

  1. Koala Bear:

  1. Turtle:

  1. Hippo:

  1. Giraffes:

I’ve never drawn live animals before, this proved to be both easier in ways and more difficult in ways than I had suspected. I’d love to do it again (hint, hint)…

Thanks again, Rebecca, it was a great group to spend a Sunday with!


Thanks for coming out Bill, and yes, we definitely suffered some punishing weather. :wink: Great to have you, Brian / mummey and Melissa come out, and seeing Ratatouille with the others was definitely a highlight. Hope to do another of these, will let you know when it happens. :slight_smile:


awesome… unfortunately mine did not come out so good. my turtle is pretty sweet though, considering it has no head :slight_smile:


Post that headless turtle! :slight_smile:


Thank you Rebecca for setting it up. I had a great time considering I haven’t touched the sketchbook in two years.


PS: Its ALOT easier if the animals stay still. :slight_smile:


Awesome, Brian. :slight_smile: It was very cool to see you get out there and draw. Getting you as a programmer to draw is probably a lot easier than getting me as an artist to program. :wink:

Really good stuff, I really like that top view croc especially. Not bad for someone who has been promising me he was going to draw for two years. :wink:

Clearly my drawings aren’t masterpieces, but that wasn’t really the point - sweating buckets and having my face turn into Niagara Falls was. :smiley: Enjoy. :slight_smile:

One of the seriously horny giraffes:

Happy hippo:

Headless tortoise:



How many people showed up?
Please let us know when you plan on doing any more field trips!


Hey frogspasm,

It was 4 of us total for the zoo, then about 8 of us total for the movie. I’m thinking of the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena as the next location. It costs $15 to get in though, and there are plenty of free locations, such as the Santa Monica Promenade, that are free, so I’m completely open to suggestions. These are just really informal, so let me know if there’s a specific sketch location you know of.

I don’t have a specific mailing list for these events, but I’ll post notifications to this thread:


Thanks for your interest!


Rebecca, I love the weight in your pencil shading, but MAN those inks are SWEET! That hippo is elegant!

I think your ??? creature was the Komodo Dragon.

I’m all for the Huntington Gardens…


Wow, great job guys!!

Some of you had some AWESOME sketches. Wish I coulda been there, but perhaps I can someday. In the meantime, I’m starting to go out and sketch again, which is something I haven’t done in a long time…so I’m starting to feel my drawing skills are getting rusty.

I did recently go to Barnes and Noble at Easton and sketched a bunch of people reading books.


Sounds cool to bad i don’t live in LA hehe.