Lorem Valley


Hello guys…

Well, i want some advices, some critique, something…hehe, i don’t know what else to do there, i’m also afraid to go on detailing… Could anyone help me.??

I accept any help, include painting over…^^


Tell us your your intention for this image is. What is the narrative (if there is one)? What are you trying to express (emotions, statements, moods)? If it’s simply a landscape, then what kind of a location is it? If it’s a fictional premise, tell us something about it so we can assess if you portrayed the premise effectively.



Well, i was thinking on a place, like a huge cavern, where the walls (montains) grow like an arc shape… And on that place, there is some big open field, when the sun touches…There isn’ a big background through this landscape, i just wanted to create a field, closed by montains, and on some areas, like the first plan, these walls close the place.

And thanks for the reply.


Okay, so this is just a landscape painting, and not a piece of concept art or illustration that has a premise and narrative, nor is it trying to convey a particular mood or emotion.

In that case, I think what you have blocked in is pretty solid, and all that’s left really is to just go for the details. If details make you nervous, then make sure you do enough research for proper photo references so that you don’t end up with a very fake looking environment.

Also, don’t automatically assume atmospheric perspective is always present in every situation–it really depends on the weather and air condition. If there aren’t a lot of particles in the air (dust, ashes, or moisture droplets like fog, mist), then there won’t be much atmospheric perspective.


Ok thanks so much…


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