lore or reality?


I just heard this story today and I was wondering if there’s some truth in it - it relates to Victor Navone’s I will survive short. This is what I heard.

Victor released his short film on the internet community. Senior Pixar staff sees it and is furious as they believe that someone in the office was wasting office hours doing the short. After much about nothing (and a lot of inhouse persecution), they discover that the short “I will survive” was not done by anyone inhouse and decided to talent scout out Victor.

BS or the truth? I am aware that there is some truth in this tale that the person related to me today but I was surprised to hear about the shenanigans inhouse at PIXAR.

  • ps I saw the short “DIXAR” today, very very iccky.


Hehe I don’t think it’s true. Pixar isn’t the only one who can make awesome animation. And they probably got a staffregister and since Victor Navone’s name was shown in big after the sequence I hardly think they “persecuted” anyone :wink:


That “I will Survive” short has been floating around forever. Nicely done none the less, but I don’t think the legend matches up with the story. The short was produced in Hash’s Animation Master.
FAQ Behind the Short

Here’s the main site.

That Dixar and other shorts can be found here. I DL’d Tom Cat. There are some good shorts there.



Hehe… I don’t think you need to explain what “I will survive” by Navone is for short on a cg forum :slight_smile:


Back when I was a Hasher, the story floating around was that Victor Navone released Alien Song, and it was one of the deciding factors Pixar used when hiring him. So according to that telling, the short came first.

Incidentally, Victor is working on a new short, Big Bang, which is also going to be done in Animation:Master

Here’s the link:




It’s cool that these individuals (including Jeff Lew) still work on their own stories atfer being hired to do big industry type works. Jeff Lew as we all know is also working on KB3.

That said, I thought it was a good yarn. A bit of suspense, a bit of intrigue and what not.

And yeah, I know about the explainging “I will survive” but not everyone will be clued in I guess. :smiley: I might be wrong too but wasn’t it hard to find good staff/animator at the time of “I will survive” cause 3d CG animation wasn’t as widespread as it is now?


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