Lord VOldemort is... discuss (SPOILERS INSIDE)


Ralph Fiennes will be playing Voldemort.

I got tingles when I heard. He’s perfect. If you’ve seen Red Dragon, you’d understand.


Yeah I heard about this a few weeks back - I agree, he’s perfect :slight_smile:


I am just REALLY looking forward to Mad Eye…they had better make him as cool as he is in my head…


he is also perfect in schindlers list, he can pull the villain role easily.


I agree Fiennes is a perfect choice, and Pyke, Brendan Gleeson is playing Mad Eye.


The announced the casting of Mad Eye and I think it’s perfect. Brendan Gleeson: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322407/
People would probably best know him from Braveheart as Hamish (William Wallace’s best friend). He also kicked ass in Gangs of New York as “Monk”.



fleur delacour = Clemence Poesy

put Clemence Poesy in to google images, and i got something that i didnt expect.

i kind of thought that jk rowling would have been a little more protective of the HP series, and would have kept to a cast with less ‘exposure’ than that :wink:


i put it into google images and came up with one image that was a broken link.

my biggest problem with her as fleur is that fleur is supposed to be incredibly beautiful… and she’s… well she’s alright… but she’s nothing special.


theonly ones i could come up with for Clémence Poésy were these :


looks a fairly comely lass


Eh, they should have picked Alizee…at least she’s French.


she IS french.

i’m pretty obsessed with HP…you can tell by my sn… :stuck_out_tongue:

here are some pics i linked, go to the-leaky-cauldron.org, mugglenet etc for more info


btw…ralph fiennes is PERFECT. ever seen spider or red dragon, etc. he’s always these characters. and jkr is probably writing an eighth book…but it’s prolly gonna be another charity type “fun” type encyclopedia or something


got to say that of the potter books. Goblet is my favourite so I’m quite excited about it; the way the books get progressively darker is quite surprising. I guess that’s cause I wrote them off as kid’s books.

back to the movie; I thought that Rowling had a stipulation that all the actors had to be English or something to that effect? Now with the french casting, etc… is that rule off?

Brendan Glesson as Madeye? I’d actually envisioned him as a wholely cg character. It’d be interesting to see how they pull off his face…etc. Making kids 15 under watch Goblet and the sequels will be funny. Watch them squirm.


Same here :slight_smile: That book was a real page-turner - I enjoyed all the other books but there was something extra cool about Goblet of Fire. I am also looking forward to seeing the film because to make it like the book it is going to have to be very VFX-intensive. More than any of the other stories, this one had the most creatures, and crazy scenes that will require a lot of VFX to pull them off.

I only recently started reading the books - my sister was buying them and I started reading them while waiting for renders a few weeks back. I’m busy reading The Order of the Phoenix now and all I can say is that I am hooked to what I had previously thought were a series of books for kids :smiley:


Brendan Gleeson will be great as moody. i guess that moody will be hardest to do as a characer in the movie; the magical eye, wooden leg, scars all over his body. it wont be easy. Brendan Gleeson is an excellent actor thats for sure.

as for who wil play voldemort, i didnt really understand who he is =/. i think i know- who did he play in Schindlers List?

i wonder who will be playing Madam Maxime and Karkaroff (im reading the forth book these days :)), and Bagman and Crouch (and dont forget Krum).

i do hope that the Quiddich World Cup will be in the movie, i can just imagine the huge stadium and the players playing.

i think that when it comes to casting more actors, it will be quite a challenge in the 5ith movie. there are so many new character (in the Order for example, and more).


i actually like every book better then previous one, as said, the books are becoming more darker, which is good.
i must say that one of the coolest characters is Mad Eye Moody.

i have to say that a part of me is very dissapointed because of the films and Jk’s decision to allow the Harry Potter films =/. a very big part of me is angry because of it:
in these days, where television rules the minds of young ones and teenagers (im a teenagar and i know it), its very hard to find a book that wil pull the kids and teenagers out of the screen and get them back to read. i personnaly love reading, i read all the time. but i have friends that doesnt read at all. and now that finally (sorry for english by the way) the Harry Potter books made so many ppl go back to the books, and makes ur imagination work so much, imagining whole scenes and picturing how every character, every creature, and every situation looks like. it is something that very few books has done =/. and now that there are the movies of the HP series, everything is being put in screen, and u see everything and thus u dont need to imagine it all, it could be for the better, but can also be for the worst. and the fact that some stop reading the books now that the movies are on.
after bringing all those ppl back to books, y return them to the screen? =/. needless to say the books are so much better imo.
its hard to explain.

and yes, i saw the movies. im talking in general. i dont think nobody understood (sorry for that)


they hired a french girl because …well i don’t want to give it away if you haven’t read the books, but because they need french girls and bulgarian boys…prolly at the cup final they’ll have all types of people - the book mentioned the Salem Academy in America too. The bulgarian boy (his name is too long to remember lol, but it’s cool because the Bulgarin government is using the book to promote tourism in the country) hasn’t any pics out I don’t think.

Roger Lloyd- Pack as Barty Crouch
Pedja Bjelac as Karkaroff
Jeff Rawle as Amos Diggory
David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr
and Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter
Frances de la Tour as Madame Maxine

PoA is the best book in my opinion. I thought the books after it (and the first book) were crap, but I think after you reread them they get better and better, and that’s a good thing. You always get something new. I’m so crazy I read the books in French and Chinese, but it’s great to read them in other languages. They change the book entirely, names and meanings and all.


Miranda Richardson will make a great Rita Skeeter as well. I’ve found the casting in the Harry Potter series so far has been fantastic. Emma Thompson was a great Trelawney in POA, and it doesn’t get much better than Alan Rickman as Snape. :slight_smile:


Ralph Fiennes has pretty much been in my good books since watching The English Patient at the flicks. Even when horribly mis-cast as John Steed in The Avengers, he was still good enough to watch. As a baddie in Harry Potter? As long as he doesn’t join the “I’m going to get you H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-RRRRR!” brigade, he ought to do well…

As for Clemence Poesy - shes not bad looking…though I agree that she isn’t a knock-out. :hmm:


"As for Clemence Poesy - shes not bad looking…though I agree that she isn’t a knock-out. "

you apparently don’t know the wonders of makeup, low cut outfits, and digital editing :stuck_out_tongue:


J.K. Rowling creates such strong visual images in her novels that I’m always a bit disappointed that the films don’t measure up. As for Fleur, she may attend a French school but I imagined that a Veela would have a more exotic look – I pictured Bjork with white hair. Of course I imagined Mad Eye Moody as an old, angry black man – Ossie Davis?

I just saw PoA tonight and thought Gary Oldman was miscast as Sirius Black. Film showed the least character development thus far and the movie was paced too fast. Loved Buckbeak, as well as the Patronus scene though. My wife was pissed that they left out Sir Cadigan, the knight who guards the Griffindor tower once the fat lady was attacked. IMO the films pose no threat to the books.