Lord of The Rings (Gollum Two Towers)


Merry Xmas to all my friends , i’m sending a gift to all of you:thumbsup:


Merry Xmas


ha??? is it pull out straight from the movie?


Great high res shot of gollum…thanks !! :airguitar


nice one.
best image ive seen/found so far of the cute little guy :stuck_out_tongue:

the cinema i saw the film in yesterday had nowhere near the amount of color in this image though :confused:

didnt even know he had blue eyes :confused:



thanx elfufu…

nice picture!!!

gollum is life!!


thanx elfufu…






The more I see high detailed pictures of this guy, the more it re-inforces my opinion that WETA digi simply tonked anything ILM are capable of churning out. Love the coneys picture, so lifelike.


I think is already most realistic character done!


Very Nice Shots!


Here’s a link to a picture of Andy Serkis, in full makeup, during the gollum transformation. Probably only one of a few scenes where it will be him instead of his CG counterpart. From the third installment of the trilogy.

Obvios spoiler so dont click if you want it to be a surprise or something.


man, those are very nice posts.
Where did you guys find those pics?

I could have spent the entire movie just watching Gollum.
My mind’s just blown when I look at it and think somebody told me I had to make that…wouldn’t come close

The guys at Weta rock.



New TV trailler, new scenes
TV Trailler

Please guys, post replay new pictures from Gollum in high-res…



WOW. Thanks all those are great.He ios aoooooo beautiful in a ugly kind of way.:wink: :beer:


That character looks very cool!


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Is it just me or is his right eyelid seperated from his eye ball in that shot?

Cool pics!


Thanx’s for the pic dirk. I believe there is a flash back in the Return of the King that gives descriptive detail of how gollum got the ring. Hmmm or was that in the Silmarillion? Only time will tell…



thanx guys…

Please post new highres pictures from gollum…