Lord of the Rings Extra Footage!


Most of you know that next week, Lord of the rings will be released on DVD. What some of you may not know is that in November, they will be releasing a 4 disc special edition with 30 minutes of extra footage worked back into the original film such as Frodo and Sam seing the pilgrimage of the elves at night.

Now there’s a trailer on line, if you’ll simply follow this link, you can experience some of the new footage for yourself.

Click here!

Click on the extended DVD trailer and prepare to wait:).


I have heard there going to be yet ANOTHER dvd edition of LOTR which has some bookend thingy’s included with the set and a extra doco on the making of the film ( from National Geograhic or something)
Im not sure if this is the edition jjburton is talking about, but to my knowledgre there will be 3 special edition sets altogether.

so take yer pick!:surprised :scream: :smiley: :hmm: :rolleyes:


Thanks for that little tidbit Farquar, do you know when that ones supposed to be out?


There are three different releases planned.

  1. The double disc that’s going to be released August 6th.
  2. The four disc box set with the 30 mins of new material which will be released November 12th.
  3. The collector’s boxset which will contain the 30 mins of new material plus the Aragonath bookends and other, not yet specified, surprises. This edition will also be released November 12th.

The third edition will be the most expensive one at about the double price of the double disc. The price difference between the first and the second edition will not be that big though.


I was over at nationalgeographic.com a while back and I was surprised to see them promoting their documentary.

It had to do with the languages that Tolkien invented, which he didn’t really, having based them on little known languages.


four disc box? why do they release the film on 4 disc if there’s only 30min extra?
does it really take that much space?


Hey JJBurton, I graduated from SCAD… what’s being going on over there??


I have a special hope for the eventual release of a boxed set which covers all three films…

But with a little something extra, which could even be hinted at in the trailer for the extra-footage DVD set…

Imagine purchasing the deluxe DVD boxed set of all three films, and when you open it up, there lies an extra DVD which is titled ‘The Hobbit’…!

And when you play it, it IS ‘The Hobbit’, filmed in secrecy during the filming of the trilogy!

Think about it…


lol. no but i think i read somewhere long ago that there was some talk about making hobbit only if LOTR made enough to cover for the expense of hobbit.


It shouldn’t be impossible that they get enough money from the trilogy and finance The Hobbit that way. I mean, the first movie did really well in the boxoffice, and the next two will most likely do very well too. Probably better, considering it will be even more action and fx in parts 2 & 3 (which is what the public likes ;))

The likelyhood that they will make it, if they get the funds needed, is another matter. I won’t hold my breath…


well the first 2 movies alone will make em more than they paid for the triology. so im sure theyll be able to fund hobbit no problems.


Cost 300 million to make all 3 movies

fellowship made 300 million domestically alone

so that right there covers the entire trilogy

internationally i think it pulled in another 200 mill
so there your advertising fees

so basically the next two films are pure profit


damn really ? wow wasnt aware they made that much already. then come the dvds :smiley:


By our estimates, the LOTR trilogy will have brought around 3.5 - 4.0 billion dollars in, between Box Office, rentals, purchases, and product tie-ins/licencing to New Line and any other rights holders…

Not bad for half billion investment.


Great movie, but I 'll only buy it once.


The four disc sets have the movie split up on two DVD’s with two commentary tracks. The other two discs are extra material. I’m pretty much sure that it will be all new extra material compared to the two disc set coming out Tuesday.


In one of the interviews available online the director said the actually had a budget of 200 million dollars for the 3 movies and so far the total box office income of the first movie is over 800 millions worldwide! One more thing the dvd coming out this tuesday will be the only way to own the theatrical version of the movie (the original edit) on the dvds coming out in november you will only get the extended version… they pratically want you to buy both versions… so let’s see 2 versions this year… 2 more versions next year + 1 boxed set with the first 2 movies and for the last one 2 more plus a final (hopefully) boxed set…


thank god it’s a good movie or else blood vessels would be popping like crazy…:bowdown:


Ive heard 1.5 billion in box-office takings worldwide, that was during a commercial for the DVD. Anyway, Im sure it did more than 800 mill, I heard it was up with Titanic somewhere in earnings.


Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Domestic: $313.1
Overseas: $542.1
Worldwide: $855.2

Source: WorldWideBoxoffice.com

“The indie studio has given the green light to a $190 million budget for a three-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved fantasy masterwork The Lord of the Rings — published as a trilogy against its author’s wishes — upping the ante on what was already the most expensive project ever undertaken by the studio. The Wellington, New Zealand, newspaper Sunday Star-Times, reports that New Line analyzed production costs and decided it could afford to add $60 million to its original budget of $130 million.”

Source: http://movies.go.com/news/1999/7/lordofrings071299.html

Just thought i’d post a lil info on the total earning from that movie alone grossed over 4 times the budget for the first 3 movies. Can anyone say…CHA CHING? lol


THEY LIED!!!:smiley: