Lord Of The Rings (bag End), Cbutlerc (3D), (3D)


Title: Lord Of The Rings (bag End), Cbutlerc (3D)
Software: 3ds max, combustion, VRay

All was done with Max and Vray.
All comments are welcomed and encourged.
Here is a higher res version 1500 pixesl @ 200k


amazing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 5 stars from me


ahhh…impressive…very very impressive…good work m8!

+fav wow

greez hEad


wow nothing to crit! very detailful! How long did you work on this project?


very impressive work. definatly worth the award.




Great work!
This is my favorite…




very well done



Amazing job…Be proud of this one!


When I look at this piece, I’m saddened… no wait, what’s the word… as yes! Delighted!

In all seriousness though, that’s really great work.

How long did it take to model everything? I’d think it would take a while to make all those objects individually, are most of them just slight variations of others?

Heh heh, nice easter egg with the teapot in the back. Excellent touch!



Amazing!! IT’s belongs to gallery… 5 Star!!!:buttrock:




100 STARS:buttrock:


Truly amazing!!!
There is someting confusing me with the floor. The reflections near the “door” make the floor look somehow blury while on other sides it is quite sharp.

By the way: How can I rate stars???


Front Page!!! :bounce: Front Page!!! :bounce:

good job corey, i have to say that this is probably my favorite that you have done. keep up the good work and continue to impress us!!!

what great pinecones :drool:


The most quality, realisitic and worked scene has I never seen, congratulations I love it.
Yes great, great, great… WOW :applause:


I think that the pictures above the fireplace could have a more aged look to them, also I am not shure what the dark spot (shadow?) above the candle on the left of the image is from. Overall nice image, and excelent lighting. Maby you could show us how you lit this scene?



wow, great work. one things stands out for me right now though, that’s the map leaning agianst the book on the table. because of it’s angle and lighting it looks a little out of place, but apart from that this is a wonderful amazingly detailed image. how long did it take to render?

the dark spot would be form the plaster getting smoked by the nearby candleflame.


incredible, he is equal to the original one of movie.
i like very much.:bounce: :bounce:


Originally posted by mdme_sadie
the dark spot would be form the plaster getting smoked by the nearby candleflame.

Good idea, however if that was the cause the smoke would disperse (sp) more causing a larger grey spot and not the long black one. If you are refering the the flame burning the plaster I can see that but the burn’t area would be smaller I think. Also the marks don’t appear where there are other candles close to walls, see in the kitchen and by the fireplace to the right.